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X-League Battle Series 2016


X-League Battle Series

  • 6-8 cars racing door to door, 4 laps battles! First car across the line wins, no arguments.
  • The key element to X-League Battle Series is the ‘Joker Lap’ concept similar to RallyCross: each driver MUST take the Joker Lap once and only once during a race heat.
  • A ‘position lock-in’ marker will also be implemented at critical corners after a long-straight, where drivers are locked in to their on-track position once they pass this marker. This will reduce the potential for altercations at corners with crucial overtaking potential.
  • Each car will race in at least 3 heats, dependant on the number of entries per category. Where there are many cars, a Final Heat will be run with the Top Qualifiers from the Qualifying Heats making it to the Final Heat.
  • Events will run at closed-circuit kart tracks and carpark circuits around the country.
  • SNF Racing and MSF Racing vehicles are permitted to participate in the ‘Open’ categories.
  • Championship table, with prizes for the Top-3 positions at the end of the season!

The objective of X-League Battle Series is to provide a stepping stone towards participation in MSF Racing!

Entry Fee is only RM 180.00; entries close on Wednesday before the event.
Late entry fee from Thursday morning till event day is RM 200.00


Round 1: 30 January 2016, MIMC
Round 2: 27 February 2016, Dato Sagor
Round 3: 30 April 2016, MIMC
Round 4: TBC
Round 5: TBC
Round 6: TBC

08:00   Registration
09:00   Briefing
09:30   Open Practice Category 1, 2, 3
10:45   Open Practice Category 4, 5, 6
12:00   Briefing
12:15   Qualifying Heats start
13:30   30-minute break
14:00   Qualifying Heats continue
17:00   Finals
18:00   Prize Giving

The categories are similar to that of MSF Racing Series, with the intention to prepare grassroots level to race in MSF Racing Series!
Please refer to Paragraph 2.2 Street-Limited Series, 2.3 Competition Prepared Cars, and Paragraph 7: Engines in the MSF Racing Series Technical Regulations (CLICK HERE) for definitions of the categories below.
Tyres for all Street categories are Street tyres only, semi-slicks not permitted. List of semi-slick tyres which are not permitted at the bottom of this document.

Special Kei
Carry-over MSF category. Front/Mid/Rear Engine, FWD/RWD /4WD cars with engines up to 1000cc; forced induction up to 1000cc, high volume unibody monocoque chassis only. Limited to production cars which conform to the original Japanese production kei-car dimensions of: Max Length: 3.4m. Max width: 1.48m. Street tyres only, no semi-slicks. Please refer to Tyre List below.
This is the category for Kancils (NA & Turbo), and Kelisa and Kenari NA, and other Kei cars.

Super 1500 NA
Carry-over MSF category. Front/Mid/Rear Engine, FWD/RWD /4WD cars with naturally aspirated engines below 1500cc or forced induction engines up to 1000cc, high volume unibody monocoque chassis only. (Lotus Elise/Exige/ Ariel Atom/KTM X-Bow/Radical etc do not qualify). No Rotary Engined cars.
This is the category for NA Myvi, Kelisa 1L turbo, Swift 1.5, Vios, City, Jazz. Also Proton 4G15 engined cars, Proton Saga BLM 1.3 Campro.

Saga Cup
Carry-over MSF category. 1984-2007 Saga cars below 1500cc. Strictly naturally aspirated engines only. Gearbox OEM Proton Saga gearbox with original clutch engagement; Gear ratios may be modified. Dog Engagement & Straight Cut gears are not allowed. OEM brake caliper & disc rotors must be retained; vented front disc & rear brake disc systems are not allowed. OEM single carburettor with OEM inlet manifold only.

CVT & Auto
Automatic and CVT Transmission, OEM engines and transmissions pairings. The gearbox transmission must be an OEM production transmission ie no sequential aftermarket specials. Other than mentioned, will comply to Paragraph 2.1 of MSF Racing Series Technical Regulations (CLICK HERE)

Street Tuned
Carry-over MSF category. Special equivalency formula saloon car category:
 Front Engine, FWD/RWD /4WD cars, high volume unibody monocoque chassis and saloon-body only. Below is listed the specific capacities and engines permitted:
a) Forced induction
– non-variable valve timing up to 1600cc (turbo or super),
– with variable valve timing up to 1500cc (turbo or super).
Turbochargers are restricted to the following:
i) original OEM turbochargers that are specific to the engine that is being used in the car;
ii) TD04 turbochargers with original TD04 housing; original housing inlet may be bored-out
iii)  if anything other than the above, the turbocharger must be submitted for inspection and tagging, and is limited to similar turbocharger size to that of the TD04 with a maximum inlet bore of 46mm.
b) Naturally aspirated with following limitations:
i) 4-valve and 5-valve per cylinder engines up to 1900cc
ii) 2-valve and 3-valve per cylinder engines up to 2500cc,
iii) Mazda rotary-engine up to 1308cc (maximum 2 rotors only) peripheral port not permitted
iv) Honda B-Series engines limited to 1700cc only. Take note that this refers to effective engine capacity. Effectively one could run 83mm bore with 78mm stroke (1688cc). Anything more than 1700cc is not permitted.
v) Other Variable Valve Timing engines are permitted to the maximum 1900cc ie MIVEC, VVTI, VANOS, etc
c) Diesel turbos up to 2000cc permitted
d) Hybrids: only OEM production hybrid vehicles and systems permitted. One-for-one engine capacity with NA petrol equivalent, therefore limited to maximum 1900cc.
This is the category for Proton Campros, Satrias, Wira, Gen2s. Also Nissan Sentra 1.6 SR16 VVTL, BMW E30, Mitsubishi MIVEC, Toyota EP82, EP 91.

Street 1600 NA
Carry-over MSF category. Front Engine, FWD/RWD /4WD cars, high volume unibody monocoque chassis and saloon-body only. Below is listed the specific capacities and engines permitted:
a) Limited to naturally aspirated engines only. No hybrid or forced induction permitted
b) Honda B-Series and Rotary engines not included
c) Other Variable Valve Timing engines are permitted to the maximum 1600cc ie MIVEC, VVTI, VANOS, etc

Open, VTEC & Turbo
Front/Mid/Rear Engine, FWD/RWD /4WD cars, high volume unibody monocoque chassis only (Lotus Elise/Exige/ Ariel Atom/KTM X-Bow/Radical etc do not qualify). Rotary engines permitted, as well as Honda VTEC engines and turbocharged engines. Also NA engines that are beyond the capacity limits of the lower categories ie 2000cc 4-valve engines.
Semi-slicks permitted in Open category. Stripping is permitted in Open category.

– Prizes will be awarded per Round for 1st to 3rd position per category.
– Championship points will be awarded at the end of every round for every category, that will be the same as that in MSF Racing Series Sporting Regulations (CLICK HERE) paragraph 22 FINAL HEAT POINTS. Points only awarded for final finishing position in the Final Heat.
– Championship prizes per category as follows:
1st place: 1 x FREE entry MSF Racing 1 round (does not include transponder rental or deposit) + 50% discount voucher for 2 pieces 195/50-15 tyres Official MSF 2016 Tyres
2nd place: 1 x 50% discount entry MSF Racing 1 round (does not include transponder rental or deposit) + 20% discount voucher for 2 pieces 195/50-15 tyres Official MSF 2016 Tyres
3rd place: 1 x 30% discount entry MSF Racing 1 round (does not include transponder rental or deposit)


X-League Racing
– Each heat will run for 4 laps. Start is grid standing start.
– Grid position for Heat 1 will be based on lucky draw ballot.
– Grid position for Heat 2, Heat 3, and Final Heat will be based on finishing position from previous Heat, with mixing of positions from other races in the same Heat. Please refer to Battle Chart below.

Battle Rules
There are several special rules for X-League Battle Series to enhance the battle experience and reduce the possibility of on-circuit incidents:

Joker Lap
– The Joker Lap is a lap where the Driver takes the Joker Corner which shortens or Lengthens the course for that one lap
– All Cars are required to take one (1) Joker Lap per Race. The Joker Lap may be taken no more than once per Race.
– Overtaking is not permitted in the Joker corner. This is measured from the Joker Entry Cone till the Joker Exit Cone.
– Any Driver that takes the Joker Lap more than once will be disqualified. Any Driver that does not take the Joker Lap is a loser, basically.
– Example of Joker Corner, please refer to diagram below.

Position Lock-In
– A set of Position Lock-In Marker cones will be placed at the corner at the end of a long straight on the circuit. The reason these corners are chosen is because these are usually the venues with high possibility for racing incidents.
– The Position Lock-In Marker cones will create an ‘Inside Line’ and an ‘Outside Line’.
– Once a Driver has committed to either the Inside Line or the Outside Line and past the Lock-In Marker cones, they are not allowed to change their corner entry position up until the end of the Position Lock-In Marker Cones
– Which Racing Line each Driver chooses is up to personal preference and door-to-door battle strategy.

Diagram: X-League Joker Lap, and Position Lock-In Section. Example is MIMC hairpins.

Diagram: X-League Joker Lap, and Position Lock-In Section. Example is MIMC hairpins.

General Racing Discipline and Etiquette
– Please refer to the MSF Racing Series Driver Sporting Code document. These rules will apply with NO PREJUDICE.

Specific X-League Battle Rules
These special X-League Battle Rules apply above and beyond the MSF Racing Series Drivers Sporting Code & Guidelines document mentioned above, and override any similar content described in that document:
– Going off the circuit: if 3 tyres or more are off the main circuit tarmac, the car is deemed to have gone off the circuit and will be disqualified
– ‘dirt drop’ of 2 outer tyres exiting a corner is allowed, as is ‘kerb hopping’ with 2 tyres over the inside
– in any coming together of vehicles during a battle, BOTH cars will be disqualified WITHOUT PREJUDICE
– Drivers are only permitted to change their racing line ONCE between 2 corners. This overrides the rules outlined in MSF Racing Series Drivers Sporting Code & Guidelines document. This rule is created because the circuits being used are narrow and short. Drivers that change their line more than once between 2 corners will be disqualified WITHOUT PREJUDICE.
– Marshals and spotters will be positioned at critical areas to ensure that the rules are complied with.


Vehicles participating in X-League Battle Series will reference the following paragraphs in the MSF Racing Series Technical Regulations (CLICK HERE) as follows
– Paragraph 2.1: Interior of vehicles
– Paragraph 3: Modifications
– Paragraph 4: Safety (optional for now but highly recommended)
– Paragraph 5: Bodywork

– It is highly recommended that a 4-point half cage be installed. Either half cage front, or half cage rear
– Due to the nature of the event, and the history of what has occurred at Dato Sagor circuit, a roll cage makes big sense

Full interior required. Tyres that protrude past the bodywork must be covered by arches.
Minimum dress code: Helmet; long pants; shoes

List of non-eligible Semi-Slick tyres
DOT-approved street tyres only. A list of semi-slick tyres which are NOT allowed is as follows:

Manufacturer Tyre
Yokohama/Advan A048R, AO50R
Bridgestone RE540S, RE55, RE-11S
Dunlop Formula R (D83J, D93J, D01J, DZ02G, DZ03G)
Federal FZ201
Kumho Ecsta V700, V70A
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, TB15
Pirelli P Zero C, P Zero Corsa
Silverstone FTZ Sport Tyre RR, S575, S585
Toyo Proxes RA-1, Proxes R888, Trampio R881
Hankook Ventus Z221
 Nitto NT01
 Nankang NS2R (soft compound 120 UTQG)

Street Tyres
We are not even going to start to create a whole list of “street tyres” because that would be ridiculous. Suffice to say these popular tyres are legal:
o Achilles 123S, ATR Sport / ATR Sport 2
o Bridgetsone RE01R / RE001 / RE002 / RE070
o Falken Azenis RT615
o Federal 595RSR, 595Evo
o Goodyear RS Sport / Eagle F1 / Revspec
o GT Radial Champiro SX2
o Hankook S1-Evo / RS2 / RS3
o Kumho Ecsta KU36
o Michelin Pilot Preceda / Pilot Sport
o Nankang NS2R (medium compound 180 UTQG)
o Toyo T1R / R1R
o Yokohama AD07 / AD08 / Parada


List of all our Registration Agents is available here (Please Click)


Matrix Motorsports Promotion Sdn Bhd
29 Jalan PJU 3/45
Sunway Damansara Technology Park
47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel : 03 7731 7244



Diagram: Example X-League Battle Charts. These will change depending on total number of participants in each category

Diagram: Example X-League Battle Charts. These will change depending on total number of participants in each category


Disclaimer: Exclusion of liability, release and assumption of risk.

Persons are reminded that motorsport is dangerous and accidents can happen. All care is taken to protect the public but are warned that there is a possibility of an accident causing property damage, injury, or death. In exchange for being able to attend or participate in the event, you hereby acknowledge that the entry to the event has a degree of danger and release, Matrix Motorsports Promotion Sdn Bhd, clubs, corporations, organisations, and persons having any connections with the promoting, organising or conduct with the event shall have no liability to you.

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