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SNF6 – Big Boys Race & More Drama!

There have been several attempts at concluding the drama at every SNF and the world epic has been the most commonly used description. And Round 6 was no different.

Somethings were different this time around though, for example, SNF6 was held on a Friday instead of the usual Saturday night. SNF also played host to a Hari Raya Open House for all the participants and visitors alike, (some resplendent in their traditional Baju Melayu) with enough food for second helpings.

The Open House was also used as a platform to announce that a brand new series will be held next year and it is to be called – MegaLap! The MegaLap is a time-attack challenge and is destined to be popular especially with guys with big horse powered cars.

Although it was a Friday, this did not deter participants to enter Round 6 and in fact this time around the series received participation from the big boys who are regular runners and winners of other motor racing series in Malaysia.

Most of these guys were gunning for the Forged Racing RaceCars Category. Apart from the regular runners in this category this time around we had the company of teams from JC Racing and Type R Racing with their line-up of star-studded drivers.

And boy the stars were bright that night as the heats began. For many this was their opportunity to watch how the top teams were running which provided a great spectacle of close racing.

As usual the start was dramatic with everyone (all 22 cars) gunning for the first turn together and contact was inevitable. Chaos ensued when Raymond Liew’s mistake here brought contact upon Jeffrey Moo and Lim Kum Soon which also caused Ee Yong Chern (HKS Silvia S15) to spin prompting the following pack to take evasive actions. These incidents brought out the red flag almost immediately to clear the debris.

After the debacle of heat 1, the second heat went on without a hitch and finally spectators were able to watch some fine racing. After salvaging his car from the first heat’s incident, Ee Yong Chern was hammering it out for top position with a Honda EK9 from team Type R Racing. Although he had the straight line power advantage, he had to keep a watching brief every time he comes to a turn where the smaller and nimble EK9 has the upper hand. Finally the power of his Silvia S15 prevailed and Ee Yong Chern crossed the line first followed by Type R Racing and Faizal Hashim in third.

Heat 3 continued similarly with Ee Yong Chern again dicing with team Type R Racing’s EK9. But this time around the driver of the EK9 was not going to settle for second place and applied more pressure to Ee Yong Chern to which the latter eventually cracked.

Aided by the power of his car Ee Yong Chern was not going to give up that easily and put up a fight and managed to recapture first place. But the Type R Racing’s driver second place was being threatened as out of nowhere JC Racing’s DC 5 appeared behind him and with supreme confidence passed the EK9 and targeted Ee Yong Chern’s Silvia. Lap after lap the pair was together and finally again, the Silvia’s horsepower saved Ee Yong Chern position. That night Forged Racing RaceCars Category has a new winner and the 2 top guys also cracked the lap record when they ran in the 1 minute 14 seconds.

The category that has been plagued with controversies, the FF Festival, lived up to its reputation once again when the night ended with drama and disrepute during the podium ceremony.

This time around Kazama Autoworks contested in this category with Lai Wee Sing taking up the driving duties. The team’s entry has been overdue as there’s great rivalry between this team with the other top runners of the category.

Lai Wee Sing aka Ah Lai dominated the first heat but Kesavamoorthy aka Moorthy was always in his sight in waiting. This was how they finished and were followed by the hardworking Desmond Yee of N1 Racing in third. Some admiration to Desmond though as he had to work his way up to that position when he began from the tail end!

Heat 2 began with the trio this time around running closely together. Although Ah Lai once again dominated the heat, he was not about to get it easy in heat 3 as the night unfolded.

A highly motivated Moorthy seemed to apply pressure on Ah Lai right from the start of the last heat. It was so tight between the pair that at some turns, some say that Moorthy was ahead and just as quickly it was Ah Lai’s turn in out in front, it was nerve-wracking! This dice went on right to the end with Ah Lai holding on to first place followed by Moorthy and Desmond.

The main protagonist for the 4WD Battle once again battled for top honours during Round 6. The category welcomed M7 Japan as the official sponsor which definitely made aiming for the top three positions a prime target.

Tung Wei and Jon Teo of N1 Racing Team provided a stellar performance by dominating the category with Niki Tham completing in third place for heat 1.

In heat 2 the N1 Racing pair positions were threatened when Ahmad Zuhaili made his way past Jon Teo for second position and was targeting Tung Wei next. Jon was having none of that and wanted that place back which resulted in the pair closing on Tung Wei in the lead. Jon’s determined drive gave him back that position where they finished in the respective order.

Heat 3 concluded with once again Tung Wei, Jon Teo finishing in that order joined by Niki Tham from Singapore.

We’re sure most of you are curious about the Hyrax Oil CamproChase. Well, finally Megat Shazreal of F3 Matspeed fame finally nailed it by winning the first heat. Although Megat won easily he was without his nemesis Michael Ayyavu who left the driving duties to his brother Andrew. Nonetheless it was a great drive by Megat. His win has been waiting for him and his team but unfortunately it was short-lived.

In heat 2 Megat had his buddy Razak Mohideen, a seasoned race car driver took over control of the car and things were about to go bad when during the start, the car developed some brief misfiring, and that was not the only problem. With the car eventually running well Razak was on a roll and just before coming out onto the front straight; the left front wheel came off which ended his race prematurely. With no competition in sight Andrew took the overall honours for the Hyrax CamproChase category.

Dubbed as the Mafia category, the Ultra Racing Street 1.8 Open which sees various types of cars dicing again provided the greatest door-to-door racing.

Spectators favourite Steven Lai and his Toyota Vios Turbo was once again in the limelight where he was going tooth and nail against Ahmad Firdaus driving his Honda Civic EF. The pair was battling it out like it was the final heat but eventually Ahmad had the advantage and won the first heat. Taking third place was Mohd Fahmi in his Civic EK9.

Ahmad Firdaus and Steven Lai continued their battle in heat 2 but this time around they had Francis Ng joining them. Although Ahmad kept his place till the end, Steven had to concede second place to Francis when he made a mistake. Ahmad Firdaus continued his dominance in the final heat followed by Philip Tang and Francis Ng.

K.Logesvaran aka Sing Boy knew that the competition in the GAB SuperCompact class would get harder and harder, his only response was to make his car quicker which he did by recording a lap time of 1 minute 22 seconds!

Although K.Logesvaran took the overall honours in round 6 he was constantly pursued by Muhamad Zahid who was matching his lap time. Let’s see whether K.Logesvaran will improve his car further as apart from Muhamad Zahid he’s also got to be wary of the improving Syazril Amri.

Those familiar with the Super 1.3 Category would know that it’s usually been dominated by the Toyota Starlet Turbos squad. Well things changed slightly when a Perodua Myvi driven by Mohd Azwan put up a good fight to make it to the final step of the podium. As usual, the Starlets make up the top two places driven by Ahmad Sharifuddin and Ahmad Ezani.

Next race takes place November 12.

Pictures from SNF6.

As usual, SNF lived up to expectations. Plenty of battles on track, and some off, provided hours of entertainment for the spectators. Despite taking place on a Friday night, due to the track not being available on Saturday night, 130 cars took part in the race. Besides racing, SNF6 also played host to the first ever Raya “Open House” where all event attendees were invited for a spot of rendang, ketupat, and satay, lots and lots of Satay.

SNF is a race that is open to all. Bring your R35 GTR or your Mini, its a place for racers, not posers.

See what we mean?

SNF is still serious business, registration is a must so we can disqualify you in case you misbehave. Or help you gain a position in case someone wronged you.

It’s also a great place to meets girls and get them to pose for your camera. As demonstrated above.

Raya trio singing a happy song. Or Adian giving a welcome speech. You decide.

Massive tires for grip, and massive intercooler for speed.

Representing the Southside, the Kazama FD2R features massive speed and took home first place in the FF Festival category.

Go Fast pieces 1.

Go Fast pieces 2.

The regular pace car for SNF. Courtesy of Vision Motorsports.

The Satria Neo’s always look good and back that good looks up by displaying good lap times.

Mat Speed racers are regulars too.

So are SNF boogey dancers.


Got fast car? Race it.

Another one of the SNF monster cars.

A typical pit at SNF.

Sponsors. Girls. And fast cars. SNF at its current best.

DJ Michelle throwing it down.

N1 is another regular sight at SNF. Usually at the top of the podium too.

Full livery of the Kazama FD2R.

Leona Chin and her SNF boogie dance.

Next SNF – Nov 12

SNF 6 – Predictions

It’s that time of the month again where racers of all pedigree come out to prove their worth. After the long Raya break, we are pretty sure that the drivers and their machines alike are excited to put down the rubber and step up to the podium. So who’s about to make it? Here’s our prediction:

GAB SuperCompact

K. Logesvaran aka Sing Boy is still the sole holder of the throne to this category. Round after round, no one is yet to take his position. But if we look at Round 5, Sing Boy seemed to have fought hard to defend his position. He faced a daunting challenge by Syazril Amri. If you look at their lap times, both recorded almost identical times of  1m 25s. It’s expected that if Syazril Amri were to participate in SNF 6, Sing Boy will face a more challenging task. It’s certain that Syazril Amri is ready to seize the throne to the GAB’s SuperCompact considering he was able to pile pressure on K. Logesvaran aka Sing Boy. Who will carry the throne for this category? We will find out this Friday.

Super 1.3 Open

This category is one of the more entertaining. When this category was introduced, a trio of Toyota Starlet’s surprised many parties. With a time 1m22saat, the Starlets delivered a blow to racers with larger engines. But in the absence of Ghazi Fawwaz, Ahmad Shariffudin (who clocked 1m22s) seems to be hiding his skills. But the absence of Ghazi Fawwaz may not allow Ahmad Shariffudin to completely dominate this category. The rise of a new driver in this category, Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Azwan who drives a Perodua Myvi will be something to watch. He managed to break the dominance of the Toyota Starlet’s with a second place finish after a hard-fought battle with Muhammad Jamili. For SNF 6, if they are back in action, expect a great battle between them. Some think that Muhammad Jamili will reclaim second position for this category. But Ghazi Fawwaz will not let it happen so easily. During  Heat 1 he is usually casual by letting himself be intercepted. But at Heat 2 and 3, he really turns up the pace.

Hyrax Oil CamproChase

It’s probably safe to say that the most epic battles during SNF 5 took place in this category. The two racers who put down a great show were Michael Ayyavu of Junior Racing Team and Megat Shazreal from F3-Matspeed. The race between the two are pretty entertaining because both are capable of securing first place. Aboy aka Michael Ayyavu claimed the throne to this category in the last round, even after a great challenge by Megat Shazreal. Forecast for SNF 6? If they participate in this round then we have a pretty good show for sure.

Ultra Racing Street 1.8 Open

This is a storied category. Vincent Chen was crowned champion for this category during SNF5, but only after Ashan Silvia and Mohd Reduan crashed in Turn1, Vincent capitalized on this and left the other participants in his wake. Steven aka Jackie Chan Lai however was left to defend his position from  a hard charging Johan Haron aka Joe Mivec. While Ashan Silvia successfully finished second when he managed to intercept Steven Lai and Johan Haron in the last lap. If Ashan Silvia, Vincent Chen, Steven Lai, Johan Mohd Haron and Reduan participate in Round 6, then we have a real hot race in our hands. No predictions here but a secret source says that everyone in this category have secretly updated their machines.

4WD Battle

A battle between great friends is always a spectacle and Jon Teo and Tung Wei always provide a good show. The two buddies lit up SNF5 with their on track antics and we can anticipate the same from them in Round 6. But we can’t discount the ability of Niki Tham, Kenneth Lim and Jayhangir Joshi. The three of them clocked under 1m18s, if these three improve their machines. The battle between the two friends could have more competitors.

M7 Japan FF Festival

Controversy for controversy. That is the main identity of this category. From challenges on Facebook till on-track battle, this category is full of drama. The changing of guard has already happened during SNF5 when Moorthy of Ayyavu Kesavamoorthy aka Junior Racing Team took the number one spot that was held for quite some time by Desmond Yee of N1 Racing. Third place was again held back by Ahmad Fauzi aka Ali from Prodrag Evotec. Fastest time for this category still belongs to the 1m15s done by Desmond Yee. While Moorthy and Ali have been clocked 1m16s. If the three main characters choose to participate in SNF6, the ensuing battle will be one to watch.

Forged Racing RaceCars

If races were won based on lap times alone, Kelvin Low from N1 Racing would be expected to be crowned champion again. But attention should be paid to Jeffrey Moo and his Honda CRX, Lee Kum Soon and Eugene Lee. These three are expected to put on a fierce battle during SNF6. But a note to Kelvin Low, according to our sources, he should watch our for a new face to battle with.

So that’s that then, catch the heat of these races on 9.9.2011, this coming Friday. Oh and just to whet your appetite while you watch, we are also having a SNF Hari Raya Open House. So bring some food to contribute to the table, put on your best Raya clothes, and be prepared for an interesting clash of some of the most talented grassroot racers in Malaysia.

More Shots From SNF – Rd 5

More shots from Round 5 of SNF.

The all important driver briefing, and registration.

One of the faces of SNF – literally.

Someone requested for 4WD monsters? Here’s one.

Racing should be taken seriously, hence work on race machines never stops.

AE86 – Good for everything from drift to all out racing.

The scene at the paddock before the sun went down and the racers came out.

Campro class leading and chasing. Always good fun watching this class.

Mat Speed take SNF seriously. Their products are always up there with the best.

Racer boy or hardcore SNF racer?

SNF – A place to get your race on. Or your flirt on. Either way it’s always fun.

A good place to get quality products as well. Here’s the Alpinestar garage.

The Turbo 4WD category. drift bitch. Lonely at the pit entry.

The Stig’s half cousin is a SNF regular.

Ultra Racing is a regular sight at SNF.

Some Shots From SNF Rd.5

Round five of Saturday Night Fever was as usual, a thriller. It was a sell out again with 120 cars pounding the track with door to door racing with each driver out to prove his worth. Thankfully there was no drama besides the usual spin outs and dead engines. So while we work through the masses of information and work to bring you the full report, a full video coverage as well as detailed information on the next round, here’s some pictures to keep you entertained, for now.

Hardcore Perodua Kancil race car complete with wide body and insane driver. The essence of Saturday Night Fever.

The 4WD turbo charged monsters are always wild on track.

Local celeb drifter Leona Chin.

Race cars come in all shapes and sizes. So do the girls.

Spin outs are what you need to learn your own and your car’s capability.

Sexy, fun and informative Goodyear girls.

4WD monsters showing off their glowing brake discs.

White is the new color of evil.

Leona Chin’s weapon of choice.

Goodies and more goodies. Hot girls not included.

Cracked a disc brake on track? No worries, cures are ‘Endless’.

Performance provided by Mutiara Motors.

SNF: Photo required for registration

As SNF grows and grows, we need to make changes to adapt to the higher number of participants, as it is no longer as simple as “Hi, I’m Adian’s friend!” when it comes to registering for SNF.

We apologise for the bureaucracy, but new measures and procedures are required in order to maintain control, and more importantly safety. We consistently have 130 cars now. This makes SNF the country’s biggest car motorsports event! It’s getting harder and harder to manage everyone’s safety.

Some new changes, which we will be strict in enforcing:

1. New Entry Form
There is a new and updated SNF Entry Form which allows for multiple drivers to register under a single car-entry and sign indemnity.
Click here to download the new form.

2. Entry Form must be complete
Please ensure that your entry form details is complete upon payment and registration. If it is not complete, we will not accept the Registration. Please no more “Mat Ipoh” or “Man Cheras”, thanks.

3. Photo required
A passport-sized photo/picture is required upon Registration and Payment. The picture does not need to be an actual passport photograph, it can be printed from a computer, and even be black and white.
The purpose of the photo is so that the Scrutineering and Start Line can identify who the driver is, so as long as the photo shows your face and is recognisable, it’s accepted. This is because we do not want a non-registered driver to be able to drive, which will create problems should he crash and be injured.

4. New Registration Closing Date
Registration will now close on the Wednesday evening during the week prior to the event.
This means that for SNF5, which is on 30 July, closing date is 27 July.
All late-registration will face a RM 200.00 late registration fee.
This new closing date is to enable us to arrange all the registration information as necessary.

5. Reminder on Attire
Please be reminded that the following are currently compulsory for SNF:
– Helmet
– Gloves
– Shoes
– Long pants

Thanks for your continued support. As you know, we introduce these changes for the good of the event, not to make it difficult for everyone. See you on 30 July!

SNF Round 4: Intensity, action, and tragedy

Round 4 of Saturday Night Fever was cut short with a dramatic ending when one of the top contenders was involved in a disastrous accident at the high-speed Turn 6, and it was a lucky thing that no one was seriously injured. This highlights the competitiveness to which SNF has become, and also supports the reasoning behind the decision to upgrade SNF to club-level status and safety degrees before the end of the year.

SNF is ever growing, and the popular categories such as Ultra Racing Street 1.8 Open and Super 1.3 Open were full 2 weeks before the event, and we had a record 130 entries that hit Sepang North Track that night.

GAB SuperCompact
Early on there were expectations that K Perajun would be back this round to take the fight to K Logesvaran “Sing Boy” after having to retire last round, but such was not the case. Perajun’s famous Francis Motor turbocharged Kancil was nowhere to be seen, and as for Perajun.. you’ll see!

But the lack of the competitive Perajun and Francis Motor in this category did not undermine the competitiveness of the other players, and it was by no means a walk in the park for the dashing Logesvaran.

Pushed hard by Mohd Afiq, Iskandar Fitri and Roduan Rashid at the green light, Logesvaran initially pulled away but such was the pace of the challengers, towards the closing stages of Heat 1 they were breathing down Sing Boy’s tailpipe.
For the Final heat, Sing Boy took no chances and gunned it hard when the lights turned green. Much to the surprise of the crowd, Ahmad Zamri was upfront and challenging hard! But SNF isn’t just a one-lap wonder, and Ahmad Zamri’s pace was temporary and he got overhauled by Mohd Afiq, Iskandar Fitri, Roduan, and Noor Zaharuthul (Kutoi).

In the GAB SuperCompact category, they’ve been getting more and more competitive and pushing the cars so hard, as evident by the many blow-ups and technical problems. Yet it was Kutoi’s car that blew big time approaching T1 for the 2nd time and subsequently lit an oil-fire in the engine bay. The Final heat was stopped temporarily as the oil spill was cleaned up.

Upon the restart, Sing Boy took the lead and held it all the way to the end, followed by Mohd Afiq and Hairil Anuar.

GAB SuperCompact cars ready to go!

After last round’s outstanding performance by the little 1.3-litre boys, everyone’s curiosity was piqued and close fights, big surprises, and huge disappointments were expected from this category, and it did not let us down!

In heat 1, as expected, the returning winner Ghazi Fawwaz sped off into the lead in his beloved ‘Sophia Starlet’. Right up his backside followed fellow Starlet compatriots Mohd Affiz and Ahmad Shariffuddin. Try as they might they couldn’t make a straight move on the ‘sifu’ and that’s how it went to the flag.

But it was the next group that kept us on the edge: Jaycee’s Supercharged Myvi has had a dose of steroids and was fighting tooth and nail with Shaiful Nizam’s 1.3 Satria Neo and Muhd Jamili’s Starlet. The experienced Shaiful never gave Jaycee a moment’s rest as he kept the pressure on. These boys attacked T1 three-abreast, finding new lines (and balls!) they previously never knew existed!

With such close dogfighting, all eyes were on their Final heat and at the start, mush to the surprise of many Ghazi Fawwaz did not leap into the lead, it was later determined that he was suffering a misfire throughout the final.

Ahmad Shariffuddin shot to the front and controlled it from there, defending against Muhd Jamili. Behind them, Jaycee took advantage of Ghazi’s problems to get ahead into T1 and fought hard, lap after lap to keep him behind. Ghazi finally made a move stick at the start of final lap and held 3rd to the flag, behind Ahmad Shariffuddin and Muhd Jamli.

Close action in the Super 1.3 category!

Remember the Couch Racer Challenge that organised earlier this year, selecting a bunch of drivers via PlayStation GT5 racing at Motorsports Playground and training them up for SNF? This is our way of nurturing new motorracing talent in the country!

Ng Hoi Yew, the final selected Couch Racer champion, made his debut in the Hyrax Oil Campro Chase category of SNF4 in a F3-Matspeed prepared Satria Neo. How would our zero-to-hero driver do, would he pose a serious threat to the establishment?

It’s been two rounds now that Michael Ayyavu of Ayyavu Jr Racing Team has been Big Red Rooster for this category, and F3-Matspeed’s Megat Shazreal has indicated that he’s not taking it lying down, hoping to stamp his mark. This can only mean one thing: prepare for fireworks!

In the first heat Michael made a clean start and pulled off 1m23s laps, whilst Megat and the other top-contender Izwan Baharom got mixed up in the traffic, fighting side-by-side all the way to the flag. Selim’s Satria Neo ClubSport was hit hard in T4 in the early stages and also had to pull-in. Nothing surprising, just all the usual drama then..

Starting on the front row for heat 2, Megat made good on his promise and got a good drag on Michael heading into T1. Michael went the long way around as Megat swiped the inside line, but out of T2 it was Michael ahead of Megat by a nose hair.

Megat kept the pressure on, jinking to take a look down the inside for T4 but Michael ignored the threat and focussed on trying to pull away. Not for a second did he manage to relax thought as Megat trailed him close all the way to the flag, showing intentions of mounting a strong challenge for the final.

As the green flag dropped for the Final heat, once again the F3-Matspeed Waja got the hole-shot and streamed ahead of Michael’s Satria Neo, but this time the kid from Johor was ready, and once again out of T2 it was Michael in front and Megat a close second, as the rest of the field came zooming through.

But at the end of Lap 2, Megat was missing and Michael was a 10 metres ahead of the next challenger, Izwan Baharom, always ready to pounce. What had happened to Megat? Brake failure, we later found out. A shame, as everyone loves a good, hard race. Izwan tried to get close to Michael, but once again the Ayyavu Jr Racing Team driver was just too quick. A surprised Oliver Ong beat previous podium-sitter Rangzeeb Fahmi to take third.

And how did our Couch Racer champion do? “It was totally exciting,” enthused Ng. In just three 5-lap heats, Ng learnt that he needs to be calm at the start, and to always have a defensive line, and finally euphoria as in the Final heat he went dogfighting head-to-head with experienced driver Ramsey Rizal. “I ended up losing my placing to him at the very last corner of final lap. That session was totally unforgettable. Ramsey came to me after and said, ‘good one, clean fight. That was impressive!’” Will Ng be back again? Well last I heard, he’s started asking around to prepare his own Satria Neo for SNF haha.. another racing-victim successfully converted!

Lots of Satria Neos in Hyrax Oil Campro Chase category

Oh, boy. Just thinking back of how this category went that night, my heart rate starts to race, blood-pressure increases to unhealthy levels, and I start to sweat. If there is ever a category that epitomises SNF, it’s the Ultra Racing Street 1.8 Open!

The Ultra Racing Street 1.8 Open category has come to be known as the “Mafia” category, where only the hardest of the hardcore racers pit their machines, skills and wits against each other. There’s the HitMen, the MadeMen, the Capos, and of course a GodFather.

Heat 1 started off well, considering that the category was over-flowing with a total of 24 entries. Steven Lai (Vios Turbo), Mohd Danil (Civic EG), and Fadli Hisham (Yellow Putra) took the spotlight, going at it neck-and-neck and leaving the Honda VTECs for dead. Who said it’s necessary to have a VTEC to do well? Absolute rubbish! You should have seen these jokers and the fantastic show they put on. I nearly shit my pants as they criss-crossed positions hard on the brakes at the 50m point into T1. Dude, braking at 50m and changing lines at the same time? WTF?! We’ve said it many times before, a statement all good racers acknowledge: the car is only 10%, 80% is the driver, and errr.. 10% is luck!

In Heat 2 the Godfather himself made his appearance, choosing to sit out Heat 1 to save his ride: enter Ahmad Rizal from Team Prodrag Evotec and his unassailable Civic EK9.

The crowds ran to the pitwall not wanting to miss the start, and as the cars crossed the green light Sepang North Circuit erupted in a hurricane of wailing VTECs, whistling turbos, and whooshing blow-offs as the car sped down towards T1. Steven Lai used the power of his turbocharged Vios to great effect, gunning ahead of the pack, with Fadli Isham’s Yellow Peril Putra giving chase. Fadli actually closed the gap to Steven throughout the 5-laps, as Ahmad Rizal charged from the back to finish 3rd and right up their backside at the chequered flag.

The question was, could Steven and Fadli Isham keep Ahmad Rizal behind in the Final? As they say, there’s only one way to find out!

When the lights turned green at the rolling start it was Steven Lai once again that made it to T1 first, and held the inside line to block all attackers. Through the first lap and Fadli Isham got entangled with a gaggle of HitMen intent on taking out Steven Lai, whilst the Godfather Ahmad Rizal made it past at T4 and drove hard to open a gap to the gangsters chasing behind.

Into Lap2 and Zailan Marjanon and his VTEC were starting to elbow past the Protons of Fadli Isham and Johan Harun. Aun Yue Wei and Havy Zulkifli were also in the fray, making it a 7-car scrap for 2nd place as Ahmad Rizal calmly pulled ahead.

Past the line for the start of Lap4 and it was still madness, Zailan and Yue Wei trying to take the little Vios Turbo into T1 on the left and right, with the Protons lurking right behind and ready to pounce unforgivably on anyone that dares make the slightest mistake. I watched the monitors as 2 rows of 3 cars each side-by-side streamed into T5, positions swapping at the changed direction for T6 and into the T6.5 chute. Mate, I nearly took up smoking again from the tension! Let’s just hope they all make it through, the mad men..

But past the Finish line it was Ahmad Rizal 10s ahead of Steven, who managed to hold off Zailan Marjanon and the hording attackers. Less than 3s separated 2nd to 8th with anyone having a chance at a Podium, with a mixture of cars ranging from Toyota Vios and Honda VTECs to Proton Satria GTIs. Forget Katy Perry mud-wrestling with Scarlett Johansson, Ultra Racing Street 1.8 Open is porn!

Gorgeous Starlet in the 1.8 category!

Tung Wei resumes his fight with Jon Teo this round with further improvements to his car featuring new suspension, but will it be enough? Wong Kok Foo also makes his return in the RWD category with his Tokyo Drift RX7 FD3S, the last time he was here in Rnd 2 he gave Ken Tai (mellow-yellow S15) a run for his money. Add two drifter wildcards in the form of Simon Chong’s 180SX and Adrian Yeap’s Cefiro A31, and anything could happen!

In the first heat, Tung Wei showed his hand early on by taking the lead in his Subaru WRX STI Spec-C RA and holding it all the way to the flag with Jon Teo’s Evo 5.5 glued to his exhaust pipe, with RWD top guns Ken Tai and Wong Kok Foo just 2s behind after having provided an entertaining tussle throughout all 5-laps.

In heat 2, the RWDs stormed ahead, Ken Tai and Kok Foo taking up where they left off, swapping the lead several times along the way. Their brawl was tight but clean, providing a very close fight that entertained the spectators thoroughly. Eugene Lee in his Lotus didn’t make a clean first lap and couldn’t fight them this time. But that was about to change..

No more monkeying around in the Final heat, the mighty machines of this category blew past the pits at the start and into T1 it all happened very quickly: Tung Wei covered the outside, Jon Teo headed for the inside, with Kok Foo trying to get inside Ken Tai who was feeling the pressure as Eugene’s Lotus came in to attack. Kok Foo and Ken Tai both spun hard, as Eugene evaded them and shot ahead, and the group behind spewed left and right and onto the grass to take avoiding action.

Tung Wei with Jon Teo in chase powered ahead, with Eugene next leading the RWDs. Ken Tai and Kok Foo had a lot of work to do, both getting going again at the same time and spending 5-laps slicing through the field in pursuit of Eugene’s cocky little Elise.

Alas they were running out of laps and Eugene held on to take the win in RWD ahead of Kok Foo and Ken Tai. In the 4WD category, Tung Wei finally punted Jon Teo of his lofty crown as the uber-SNF Champion, with Amir Bakhtiar taking third. Two delighted new champions in both categories, hinting at things only getting more exciting next round!

Now, THAT'S a rear wing!!

The FF Festival category has become the most controversial, with big words and psyche games spilling over onto Facebook and the Internet. Awesome! Everyone loves a good fight!

After losing out in SNF3 due to having to run his road FD2R, Ayyavu Jr Racing Team’s Moorthy was back for vengeance and hoped to retake his position as FF Festival Champion from N1 Racing’s Desmond Yee.

In heat 1, Moorthy took an early lead, but under-pressure from Desmond and a new gaggle of challengers including Taj Madira (EG6-K20), Ahmad Rizal (EK9 B18) and Ahmad Mamduh’s VTEC turbo (also a previous nemesis of mine back in the Batu Tiga night CCT era). Moorthy got messy at T6.5 and the last turn, giving Desmond the chance he needed to pounce and pull away into the lead.

Things were really beginning to get hot, and in heat 2 Desmond dragged away into T1 under attack from Moorthy. But Moorthy left it too late, outbraked himself, and dropped down to 9th. Ahmad Rizal and Taj Madira shot off in pursuit of Desmond, hounding his ass through the early laps but falling back as Desmond upped the pace. Moorthy was a man possessed, and drove very hard to make it back up to 5th at the flag. Down the back, the Mazda Familia 323 turbo of Ahmad Suffian out-braked himself into T4 and smacked into Kamarul Hisham’s gorgeous (and new!!) VW Passat, taking them both out. Ouchh!

With competition this fierce, and pressure so high, we were starting to get worried. Something, somewhere had to give. When the lights turned green for the Final heat, Taj Madira made the most of his better power-to-weight ratio to pull aside and dive inside into T1, taking the lead. However it was brief, as Desmond shot to the outside of T4 to take the lead as Taj had to defend from so many angles, being attacked by 4 different cars at the same time!

The N1 Racing FD2R was unassailable and pulled out a lead as the 4 contenders for runner-up gave everything they had. Moorthy would be quicker at T5-T6-T6.5 and come out ahead as the started down the front straight. But Taj had the power along the 900m straight stretch, and was able to fight for the inside line even as we watched Moorthy try to squeeze him towards the pit wall. Twice Moorthy hounded Taj around the outside of T1 to dive up the inside of T2, only to lose on corner exit as Taj had a better line out and down to T3. ProDrag’s Ahmad Rizal was right behind them, waiting for a mistake and the opportunity to jump ahead of them.

Up in Control I was keeping a close watch of the action on the circuit monitors when there was a sudden bark over the walkies: “Yellow light, yellow light! Car stalled at T6 apex!”. Oh no!

Desmond came flying around T6 and saw the stricken Satria #95 of Mohd Khairul, got hard on the brakes and swept past the outside. Behind him, the 3-car battle of Taj / Moorthy / Ahmad Rizal came sweeping down T5 heading towards the lurking danger: Taj on the inside, Moorthy on the outside, Ahmad Rizal sniffing up Moorthy’s ass.

Noticing the yellow lights and catching a glimpse of the Satria at the corner of his eye, Moorthy braked and dove out to the outside of Taj. Ahmad Rizal saw the car too, swerved onto the grass and past. With heat breathing down all sides, Taj unfortunately could not take action in time and at almost undiminished speed slammed into the driver’s side door of the stalled Satria. It was a Big One.

We’re happy to note that the safety marshals were there in a jiffy, and thankfully there were no serious injuries for what could have so easily been so much nastier.

There's something for everyone at SNF

How happening is SNF? How about Drift Queen Leona Chin in a brand-new-for-2011 race-prepared Silvia S13 in full Ultra Racing colours and a cutesy anime chick on the side? That’s hot, man!

K Perajun brought his Lochi-tuned Honda DC5 to play in the Race Car category for SNF4, which brought a rumbled of whispers to the paddock. Firstly, coz it means that now most of the Batu Tiga Saturday night CCT old-timers are represented (ProDrag/Lydia, Matspeed, and Lochi). Secondly, an experienced and proven driver (and one of my old nemesis in the early days of MSS Super16!), will Perajun be able to teach these SNF race boys a lesson or two? Or perhaps it would be the other way around? Nothing surprises us anymore in SNF!

At the drop of the green flag in heat 1, Faizal Hassim and Kelvin Low barrelled into T1 side-by-side in pursuit of Jeffry Moo’s CRX EF taking no prisoners, with Perajun having started further behind. Through lap 2 Team Hyrax Oil’s Faizal edges ahead, leaving N1 Racing’s Kelvin Low having to fend off Jeffrey Moo. Perajun gets his head down and charges after them, clawing up the field in a blitz of quickest laps: in lap3 he eases down into the 1m14s, and then sets a new SNF lap-record of 1m14.289 in lap4 as he screams past Kelvin and Jeffrey in pursuit of Faizal. The bugger is damn quick! At the flag it’s Perajun from Faizal Hassim, ahead of Kelvin and Jeffrey Moo.

At the start of heat 2 Perajun wasted no time and powered into the lead, one for which he was unassailed till the end, with Faizal Hassim taking second. Behind him, Kelvin Low messed up and overshot during the 1st lap, allowing Jeffrey Moo and sneak past to hold 3rd position till the flag.

Unfortunately due to the big accident in the previous FF Festival category, the Final heat for Race Cars had to be cancelled due to the sheer debris and oil spill involved, and thus finishing positions from Heat 2 were the ones that counted.

Look who's back in SNF!

As SNF action keeps heating up further and further, new rules to increase participant and spectator safety will be implemented for the next round, which takes place on 30 July 2011, just before the holy Ramadhan month. See you there!

Leona's Silvia was hot!