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VIDEO: Irwan reviews Castrol Edge Sport engine lubricant

Our buddy Irwan Shahrin is a finalist for the Castrol Nurburgring Nordschleife experience, and he had a job  to test and review their top lubricant: the fully-synthetic Castrol Edge Sport. His BMW E36 M3 Cabriolet runs 0W-40, and after a week of hardcore driving which included a drifting session and a 1600km roundtrip to Krabi (during Chinese New Year which includes the massive traffic crawl back to the Big Smoke), he was mighty impressed!

Background guitar rift “Irwan’s Dream” by Ken Yap.

VIDEO: Saturday Night Fever Preview 25/12/10

Our video covering the action and colour at the Saturday Night Fever Series Preview Round which we held at Sepang on the 25 Dec 2010! On-track and off-track action and excitement as never seen before in Malaysian motorsports! Be sure to come to every round as we’ll have more and more entertainment which gets better and better!

REVIEW: Speedworks Swift Turbo

60% horsepower gain for RM 8,600. From 100hp it jumps to 165hp, and torque rockets to 210Nm. How can you say ‘No!’??

The little Suzuki Swift has been with us for 4 years now, with the 1.5 automatic being the most popular. Brilliantly, Speedworks realised that Swift 1.5 owners were looking for a some extra push and set to work. Sporting a Garrett TD02 turbine, HotBits piping and intercooler, and tuned with a GReddy E-Manage, the finished kit is superb! Not only in terms of packaging, but also the quality of the drive.

The benefits of a bolt-on kit is that the car runs it’s standard compression-ratio, providing instant poke and good fuel economy on part-throttle. Open the taps tho, and once the admittedly rather large turbo spins up past 3500rpm, the car leaps forward like a horse out of the gates, accompanied by a bassy yet bloody tasteful-sounding exhaust rasp and then *crack* as it changes up to the next gear. It’s very addictive.

And it’s not all about straight-line. Speedworks have mated their HotBits coilover suspension all-round with big, big (320mm) discs at the front to provide a pretty enjoyable overall and zippy driving experience.

Quality kit, parts, installation, and tuning separate the Speedworks turbocharged Suzuki Swift 1.5 auto. Take a popular and well-loved everyday car, and give it a bit more shove to make it Zoom. We think it’s worth every bit!

PREVIEW: Megane RS 250 Cup drive at Sepang

The quickest hot-hatch has arrived in Malaysia! While it’s well-known that we at always prefer Right-Wheel Drive, there are some exceptional FWD vehicles that we itch for, and ever since we heard a few months back that the Megane RS 250 Cup would be landing on our shores, we’d been pining for this moment.

This is a glorious video of the team giving the 250hp 340Nm Renault Megane RS250 Cup a proper shakedown head-to-head with the previous Megane R26 at Sepang Circuit, in the rain!

VIDEO: Quick Overview of KLIMS 2010

A short and sloppy run through of what’s on show at KL International Motorshow 2010 taking place at PWTC from 3 Dec till 12 Dec 2010. Interestingly many of the European big boys are no-show: no Porsches (my favourite arrgh!), no Mercs, no Bimmers, no Volvos (they had nice girls at the last KLIMS), no Audis, no Jaguars. Ferrari were there with a measly car or two under NAZA, but by and large the major players of the show this year are Proton, Perodua, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.

Due to the rush the video ain’t perfect but importantly we caught the important bits. Yeah, and some nice cars.. *wink*