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SNF Touge UniMAP 22 Mar ’14: Registration Open!


Registration is OPEN for SNF Touge Round 1 that will be held at UniMAP Circuit on 22 March 2014!!

Entry Fee: RM 150.00 before 19th March.
Late Entry Fee: RM 200.00 after 19th March
Discipline Deposit: RM 50.00 (Refundable at end of event)

Car Clubs are invited to create their own categories, minimum 8 cars required.
Closing date for Car Clubs: 12 March 2014

To download the Entry Form [ **CLICK THIS** ]

General Schedule
8:00am   Registration
9:00am   Open Practice
10:30am Battle-16 Rounds
1:00pm   Lunch Break
1:30pm   Battle-16 Rounds
3:30pm   Best 8 Rounds
5:30pm   Semi finals
6:30pm   Finals

SNF Touge Registration Agents for NORTHERN REGION

BHR Motorsports
Bard 019-565-9989
Shaffiq 012-485-6834

Encik Bob 010-545-5385

The usual SNF Registration Agents:
Fawster Motorsports, Sunway
N1 Racing, Sunway
DNT Tune, Gombak

Shazli Mohd 012-204-7338
Faisal Asri 016-2624-299

Announcing Achilles & Corsa as Official Tyres for SNF 2014

Announcing Achilles as the Official Tyre for SNF Series 2014, and Corsa as the Official Tyre
for SNF Moto 2014.


For 2014 the following tyres will be compulsory for the listed categories:

Mini Classic: Open tyres up to semi-slick
Special Kei: Achilles ATR K Sport 165/55-14 ONLY
Super 1500, Street Tuned, Proton 1800NA, Honda 1800NA: Achilles 123S 195/50-15,
Achilles 235/45-17, Achilles ATR K Sport 165/55-14
Racing Cars Class 1 & Class 2: Open tyres up to semi-slick, or slick Achilles GS328 19/57-15
or 24/61-17
SNF Moto: Open DOT street tyres; Corsa R46 recommended

Achilles have provided a special Racer’s Price for these tyres as follows:
1) Achilles 123S 195/50-15, RM 260.00
2) Achilles 123S 235/45-17, RM 360.00
3) Achilles ATR K Sport 165/55/14, RM 155.00
4) Achilles GS328 19/57-15; RM 665.00
5) Achilles GS328 24/61-17; RM 850.00

Tyres are available from here onwards for purchase from the following Registration Agents:
N1 Racing Sunway
Fawster Motorsports Sunway
DNT Tune Gombak

Tyres may be collected with presentation of receipt at:
EvoTrend (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Lot PT 1754, Jalan Persiaran KIP Utama
Taman Perindustrian KIP

For the moment, each car entry for SNF and events is limited to a maximum of 6 pieces of tyres per purchase.

All tyres are available for purchase as of 15 March 2014. Slick tyres arriving end of March.

SNF Touge Regulations


The official regulations and entry form for SNF Touge Battle 2014 are now available for download.

As the entry-level platform for the SNF series, the regulations are based around similarities with the top-level SNF Racing format. Aimed at street-based cars, no doubt interiors are required – basically a streetable-look is a must. Rear seats etc can only be taken out if you have safety bars or similar that necessitate their removal. Quite simply, as we like say in SNF Racing: don’t take our scrutineers for idiots.

Clubs Registration
On the Sporting regulations side, similar to our other event MegaLAP Time Attack, we welcome Clubs to create their own category. The requirements for this are:
– minimum 8 cars, maximum of 16. Absolutely nothing less, for reasons of pairing.
– additional Administration Fee of RM 100.00 to register a Club.
– trophies are up to 2nd Runner-Up (3rd place)
– closing date for Club registration is 10 days before the event (reason: need to prepare the trophies!)
– email to get your Club registered today!

To download the Regs, go to the main SNF Touge Battle page (click here!), and scroll down to the bottom.