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SNF Racing 2014 Round 1: Official Results


Date: 1  March 2014

*The complete results for each heat and lap-by-lap analysis may be downloaded below each category’s results.n.

Moto 135 / Moto 150

Download results for Moto 135 / Moto 150 (.RAR format)

Honda 1800 / Street Tuned

Download results for Honda 1800 NA / Street Tuned (.RAR format)

Proton 1800 NA / Super 1500 NA

Download results for Proton 1800 NA / Super 1500 NA (.RAR format)

Race Cars

Download results for Race Cars (.RAR format)


Announcing Achilles & Corsa as Official Tyres for SNF 2014

Announcing Achilles as the Official Tyre for SNF Series 2014, and Corsa as the Official Tyre
for SNF Moto 2014.


For 2014 the following tyres will be compulsory for the listed categories:

Mini Classic: Open tyres up to semi-slick
Special Kei: Achilles ATR K Sport 165/55-14 ONLY
Super 1500, Street Tuned, Proton 1800NA, Honda 1800NA: Achilles 123S 195/50-15,
Achilles 235/45-17, Achilles ATR K Sport 165/55-14
Racing Cars Class 1 & Class 2: Open tyres up to semi-slick, or slick Achilles GS328 19/57-15
or 24/61-17
SNF Moto: Open DOT street tyres; Corsa R46 recommended

Achilles have provided a special Racer’s Price for these tyres as follows:
1) Achilles 123S 195/50-15, RM 260.00
2) Achilles 123S 235/45-17, RM 360.00
3) Achilles ATR K Sport 165/55/14, RM 155.00
4) Achilles GS328 19/57-15; RM 665.00
5) Achilles GS328 24/61-17; RM 850.00

Tyres are available from here onwards for purchase from the following Registration Agents:
N1 Racing Sunway
Fawster Motorsports Sunway
DNT Tune Gombak

Tyres may be collected with presentation of receipt at:
EvoTrend (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Lot PT 1754, Jalan Persiaran KIP Utama
Taman Perindustrian KIP

For the moment, each car entry for SNF and events is limited to a maximum of 6 pieces of tyres per purchase.

All tyres are available for purchase as of 15 March 2014. Slick tyres arriving end of March. Prizes for SNF 2013 Champions

SNFR-championsTD2014 is providing a special prize for our SNF 2013 Car Champions with the FREE 1-3pm session at our Sepang Full Circuit Track Day on 8 Feb 2014. Info is as follows:

Champions: FREE
1st Runner Up: RM 50
2nd Runner Up: RM 100

Please RSVP and confirm your participation with Faisal Asri by 6 February 2014.

For the SNF Moto categories, is offering the prize of FREE entry to SNF Racing Round 1 2014 on 1st March 2014:

Champions: FREE
1st Runner Up: RM 50
2nd Runner Up: RM 100


SNF 2014 Launch + SNF 2013 Cship Awards BBQ


We are pleased to announce the SNF 2014 Launch with the SNF 2013 Championship Awards BBQ event:
Date:     8 February 2014
Time:    3:00pm
Venue: Pit 1-3, Sepang Intl Circuit Paddock
Price:    FREE for Top-5 SNF 2013 Championship Winners; RM 10.00 for other
RVSP:   Closing for payment is 6 February 2014
Payment: To our Registration Agents, or direct to

230pm   Registration
300pm   SNF 2014 Launch Ceremony
320pm   SNF 2013 Championship Awards Presentation
345pm   Makan!
500pm   End

SNF 2013 Cship Winners: Please RSVP to us by 6 February 2014. You may email us on or SMS us directly