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DragStar signs as partner for MegaLAP Time Attack

DragStar Performance Centre is making its stand as a proud supporter of Malaysian motorsports with its move to signing up as a partner for’s MegaLAP Time Attack Series, which commences this coming 11th December 2011 at Sepang International Circuit.

Dragstar Performance Centre based in Aman Suria is a distributor and retailer to various brand names of performance products for the sport compact market industry, including Carillo, JUN, Quartermaster, and Quaife. DragStar will be the sponsor for the 4WD category.

Their involvement in MegaLAP is in line with their objective to become the most premium sort out destination in providing performance and quality parts: by supporting the opportunity for their broad customer base to take their vehicles to the limit in the chase for the ultimate street-car laptime at Sepang Circuit!

MegaLAP Preview Round 11 Dec 2011: Registration is Open!

Registrations are now open for Megalap!

Designed for competitive track junkies who do not want to sacrifice their car in door-to-door racing, Megalap is a Time Attack challenge series that only requires the competitor to time their fastest lap around Sepang circuit.

Megalap will officially take place next year with 6-rounds already confirmed to happen at Sepang Circuit and some at the Pasir Gudang Circuit in Johor Bahru.

However, to whet everyone’s appetite, we are organizing a preview round this 11th of December. Interested competitors can sign up at N1 Racing and Motorsport Playground in Sunway.

The categories are as follows:

FF Festival – NA
FF Festival – Forced Induction
RWD Pursuit – NA
RWD Pursuit – Forced Induction
4WD Battle
Open Season

And perhaps even a GT category, if there’s enough interest.

Still confused? What about tires and such? Want to know more? Click here for Technical regulations, or click here for Sporting regulations.

Entry fees stands at RM400 plus RM100 as a deposit for the transponder.

Visit for everything you need to know.

IGNITION.MY Announces Expanded Motorsports Event Line-Up For 2012 have announced their motorsports events expansion plans for 2012 which will herald a new age of motor racing extravaganza in the country.

The popular Saturday Night Fever Challenge Series (SNF) is set to be a key attraction again when it was announced that the series will be upgraded to AAM-Club level status in 2011. Filling in the gaps in the calendar will be a new time-attack event to be known as MegaLap.

Adian announces's event plans at the SNF Open House yesterday

Making the announcement during the Hari Raya Open House at the Sepang International Circuit prior to Round 6 of the series, Commercial Director from, Adian Yein Khalid said that with SNF upgrading to AAM-Club level status, all drivers will be proper members of AAM-sanctioned motor racing club. “The affordable SNF will be a Championship Series in 2012 which would provide closer and safer racing with more cars being able to to go head-to-head with one another,” said Adian.

The series made its debut as a preview round on Christmas day of 2010, and has grown from strength to strength in 2011 with constant positive growth of participants and spectators alike. The appeal of what is currently the country’s most dynamic motorsports series is augmented by a record variety of different cars to complement the on-track action and various lifestyle activities off-track.

Since it’s incarnation SNF has exceeded far beyond everyone’s expectations, consistently achieving over 100 participating cars every round and over 3,500 spectators. This also makes SNF one of the biggest motorsports activities regularly held in Malaysia!

With the organiser’s brilliant event format, SNF has provided many new drivers the opportunity to experience organised racing, and they in turn have developed a strong spectator following thanks to their crowd-pleasing skill and bravado exhibited each SNF round.

Also announced during the Hari Raya Open House is the new MegaLap series for 2012, which kick off with a Preview round which will take place at the Sepang F1 Circuit on 11 December 2011.

With the introduction of MegaLap, is expanding their motorsports events offering to include a time attack challenge targeted at higher-end modified vehicles such as Honda Civic Type-Rs, Subaru Imprezas and Mitsubishi Evos, and Nissan Silvias and Lotuses. is planning to run the MegaLap series over 6-rounds which include rounds at the Pasir Gudang Circuit in Johor Bahru.

To enhance the excitement, a Malaysia versus Singapore sub-trophy will be introduced to promote greater friendly competition amongst time attack enthusiasts across the causeway.

SNF attendees enjoying the generous outlay of food at the SNF Open House

SNF Provisional Calendar For 2012
14 January
18 February
7 April
12 May
2 June
15 September
10 November
15 December (Grand Finale)

MegaLap Provisional Calendar for 2012
11 February – Sepang F1 Circuit
10 March – J-Circuit Pasir Gudang
7 July – J-Circuit Pasir Gudang
8 September – Sepang F1 Circuit
10 November – Sepang F1 Circuit
1 December (Grand Finale) – Sepang F1 Circuit

MegaLap General Information
• FF Festival NA – Front Engine Front Wheel Drive cars. Normally Aspirated Engines.
• FF Festival Forced Induction – Front Engine Front Wheel Drive cars. Forced Induction Engines.
• RWD Pursuit NA – Front/Mid/Rear Engine Rear Wheel Drive. Normally Aspirated Engines.
• RWD Pursuit Forced Induction – Front/Mid/Rear Engine Rear Wheel Drive. Forced Induction Engines.
• 4WD Battle- 4 wheel drive cars. Normally Aspirated or Forced Induction Engines .
• Open Season- Any Race or Road cars, FF, RWD, 4WD, Normally Aspirated or Forced Induction Engines.
Entry fee is only RM 400

For more information on MegaLap, visit the website