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MegaLAP Round 1 is heating up!

Registrations for MegaLAP Round 1 are starting to hot up! The Singaporeans are throwing in a hoard of FD2Rs and EVO Xs, a handful of GTRs, and a couple of specials. Back here in Malaysia, the Clubsprint Spec series is getting a lot of press on the forums, but it’s the registrations for the Pro Spec classes which are starting to fill up.

There’s been quite a bit of guessing as to the Clubsprint Spec class which follows WTA rules, especially as it cmbines 4WD with 2WD: suffice to say, the ‘Big Boys’ 4WD cars aren’t interested in Clubsprint as they’re going for ultimate laptimes. And remember: Only Pro Spec and Open Spec score points for the Malaysia VS Singapore Trophy.

Registration is still going strong, so head over to N1 Racing to register asap!

MegaLAP: The Malaysia Versus Singapore Trophy


Since the inception of the original 1985 Proton Saga to the birth of the Ferrari Enzo, Malaysia and Singapore have always been rivals in almost everything! From Stephanie Sun vs Siti Nurhaliza, to the Harimau Malayas vs the Singapore Lions, both countries have battled it out in someway…, on December 11th 2011 at the vast tarmac of the Sepang International Circuit……an epic battle so astonishing, so extreme that it will change the course of history as we know it will ensue. Warrior Drivers & Rampaging Racers, let me confer you with to you the MegaLAP Malaysia vs Singapore Time Attack Battle Trophy!!!  

I, General Mochtavius Petrolius call upon all Macho Malaysian & Suave Singaporean Racers to bring your ‘war machines’ and ‘battle’ it out for your own and your country’s honor in the MegaLAP Series. In every battle blood (or in this case…oil) will be spilled, and life (battery life) will be lost……but the honor & pride you will garner when you win the coveted trophy…is priceless.

So, join me fellow Road Warriors (to participate please click on the MegaLap Banner) in what is to be, THE GREATEST BATTLE THAT SEPANG WILL EVER SEE!

 To my fellow Malaysians and Singaporeans friends, Thanks for perusing this invitation.

General Mochtavius Petrolius of the Brigade.


                                                                                                      ‘WAR MACHINES’




















The Birth of Mega LAP Time Attack


With the success of the SNF events, the incredibly talented and good-looking team at Ignition.My has created a new exciting and monumentally thrilling, adrenaline-pumping, high-octane, turbocharged series called…..(que music, roaring engines and victoria’s secret models)…….THE MEGALAP TIME ATTACK!!!!

The MegaLap Series will introduce our drivers to a time attack challenge targeted at higher-end modified vehicles such as Honda Civic Type-Rs, Subaru Imprezas and Mitsubishi Evos, and Nissan Silvias and Lotuses. This is a part of’s effort to expand their motorsports events in 2012. The preview round will take place on the 11th of December at The Sepang International Circuits.




The series will consist of 6 categories that are listed below:-

1) FF Festival – NA
2) FF Festival – Forced Induction
3) RWD Pursuit – NA
4) RWD Pursuit – Forced Induction
5) 4WD Battle
6) Open Season

There is something for everbody! Even a GT Category will be included if there is enough interest ( So all you GT Car owners……start emailing us!)

Since Lotus has confirmed their sponsorship in the MegaLAP Series, We have added an extra special Lotus Car Category with 2 levels of sub-categories which include the EXPERT category and FAST N FURIOUS.



Malaysia Vs Singapore

As part of the MegaLAP Series, we will also feature a friendly battle between Malaysians and Singaporeans. A special points-scoring system will decide who brings home the MY vs SG Trophy during the MegaLAP Preview. This is part of’s efforts to promote competition amongst time attack enthusiasts across the causeway.


MegaLAP Event Calender is planning to run the MegaLap series over 6-rounds which include rounds at the Pasir Gudang Circuit in Johor Bahru.

MegaLap Provisional Calendar for 2012

11 February – Sepang F1 Circuit

10 March – J-Circuit Pasir Gudang

7 July – J-Circuit Pasir Gudang

8 September – Sepang F1 Circuit

10 November – Sepang F1 Circuit

1 December (Grand Finale) – Sepang F1 Circuit


The entry fee is RM400/SGD180 with a deposit of RM100/SGD50. To those who are interested, please click on the MegaLAP Banner for more information.



Spectators can watch for FREE! That’s right FREE! You can ‘cuci mata’ on cool cars and Hot Pit Girls to your heart’s content! And for the ladies, you can feast your eyes on all the handsome and charismatic racers and the Team (Although some of them may be married….but hey, no harm in just looking!). So come one and come all to the preview of what is to be the greatest MegaLAP Time Attack Challenge in the history of!


MegaLAP Driver Profile: Vincent Chen

Rookie thrill seeker Vincent Chen made his mark in motorsports about a year ago. He recently participated in CNF Round 5 and managed to garner first place! Being an ardent motorsports fan he has no other hobby motorsports. From his first car which was a classic Mini Cooper, he has since graduated to his new pride and joy, and orange Honda Civic EK which helped him achieve the coveted. welcomes rookie Vincent Chen to our fold and we wait in great anticipation to see him race in Mega Lap on the 11th of December 2011.



Memorable Answers from Vincent:

How thrilling is it owning a tuner car?

It’s extremely thrilling and fun. Also can be annoying when unexpected cars start cucuking.


What advice can you give for future tuner car owners?

Spend your money wisely. Motorsports is EXPENSIVE and at the same time it is time consuming. The cost of maintenance can be very high so you need patience and passion. The wear and tear is enough to kill you. Train your balls in the track and not on the streets.


The future of Malaysian Motor Sports. Your comments please

I believe with the continuous effort from team and other partners/sponsors, the future of motorsport here in Malaysia can be brighter.  SNF has proved that Malaysians got the spirit to race and thanks to, for providing this platform for motorsport enthusiasts to grow and learn.


Video of Vincent in Action!

Vincent Chen

MegaLAP Driver Profile: Taj Madira

Influenced by his father, who drove a tuned-up VW, the ‘Bapa Borek, Anak Rintik’ idiom seem perfect for Tuan Haji Taj Madira, who started his racing career since 1997. His ‘Lust for Speed’ began with his DC2 Type R progressing to his current ride an EG6. Initially participating in races which were ‘semi-legal’ (think: fast&furious, KL Drift etc. etc.), Taj is now -10 years later, a staunch supporter of SNF and Ignition.My. Having been in quite a number of races, Taj will soon enter Ignition.My’s new event, The MegaLAP. Being a workaholic, Taj is driven (pun intended) to work hard and be the very best he can be and with a good car behind him, is looking forward to seeing Tuan Haji Taj Madira in the MegaLAP event come this 11th December 2011.

Memorable Answers from Taj:

How thrilling is it owning a tuner car?

-Can’t be expressed in words – the amount of time, sweat, $$$$ and “Home Minister’s nagging” for a good lap time.

What advice can you give for future tuner car owners?

-Motorsports is kind of an expensive hobby. So, plan your project wisely – it can save time & $$$. Stick with a good garage/tuner for advice etc. & don’t be shy to learn from experienced drivers as it will shorten your learning curve, AVOID street racing since it’s dangerous & you won’t learn anything…been there and done it.

The future of Malaysian Motor Sports. Your comments please.

-As dimm as a star…as mentioned motorsports is kind of an expensive hobby which some may translate as only suited for “Silver spoon fed kids”. I personally believe that shouldn’t be the case since there’re a lot of ‘talented guys’ out there where Sanctioned bodies/Clubs/Individual/SIC could take wiser steps by having solid ROAD MAPS and Effective Strategies for the benefit of Malaysian Motorsports growth if we love to see more Malaysian names in the international arena.

Video of Taj Madira.


Taj Madira in Action