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Announcing: MegaHILL Bukit Putus Time Attack! 24 June 2012

Round 3 MegaLAP Time Attack Series: MegaHILL Bukit Putus 24th June 2012!

We were the first to hit Bukit Putus with a string of hot videos and events back in 2010, and it’s been a good 2 years since we’ve returned in anger. But the conditions are now right and ripe, and we’re bringing our MegaLAP Time Attack Series to Bukit Putus as “MegaHILL”!



Location: Bukit Putus Touge Course (from the Scouts Camp till the top of the Hill)
Date : Sunday 24th June 2012
Time : 9am – 5pm
Price : RM 250/SGD 105 entry by Wednesday 20/6, RM 400 for late entries

Barring the General Election suddenly being held on that date, we’ll see you all there!

For more details, categories, schedule, etc please visit the MegaHILL Event Page our website!

MegaLAP 2012 Round 2: My Westfield Experience

Once again HICOM POTENZA entered the Aerorace in MegaLAP, with me driving again. After the Aerorace clocked a best of 2 37s and finished 3rd on the podium for MegaLAP round 1, we were hoping to improve the time and position.

Prior to Round 2, the Aerorace had a full service. FA Racing’s Chassis Guru, Faidzil Alang also set the car up differently to improve handling, additionally different suspension geometry was utilised. On top of that, to improve my driving position a 30mm Steering spacer was machined and installed.

There was one downside; Tires. The softer SG compound in the correct size couldn’t be sourced in time so a harder compound and larger 205/50-15 in GG Compound were used . Due to the larger size tire, overall circumference has increased 1.7%. This has had an effect on accelleration.

The event day was thoroughly dry this time, and Hot & Humid to boot. It was so hot the track temps reached 46 degrees peak.

Practice Session

With the new tires, I went out to get a feel of the car and take note of any changes. The acceleration out of the slower 2nd gear turns were slightly dulled. Cornering stability wasn’t too much different, with only slight under steer on exit. The digital dash still wasn’t’ fully functioning, showing only water temp and oil pressure. After doing a single flying lap I came into the pits.


Session 1
Managed to clock my best of the day of 2’39.169 early in the session. The lost time in Sectors 1 and 3 was mainly down to the larger rolling tire, resulting in my times being 1.5 seconds slower than our best in February’s Rd1. Other than the slower acceleration out of Turn 2 and Turn 9 the car felt fine. There was some intermittent engine cut out occasionally when accelerating in 3rd and 4th gear. It lasted less than half a second each time but it was noticeable. There was some under steer through the faster left hand Turns 5 & Turns 12. On my subsequent laps as the tires got warmer the understeer became noticeable in the mid speed right handers as well. Faidzil went to work on the rear anti-rollbars to reduce the under steer.

Session 2
On my outlap the car started sputtering and ended running on 3 cylinders. Drama. After plugs swap, I went out and did 4 flying laps in succession. A Best lap of 2’39.218 failed to improve on Session 1’s time. And top speed was 4 km/h down from last February’s Round1. The changes Faidzil did to the antiroll bars improved corner turn-in but still wasn’t able to rid it if the exit understeer.

So finishing 4th we missed out on the podium by 1.2 seconds. That’s a lifetime away as both 2nd and 3rd place winners were doing 2’37s.

Better luck next time

MegaLAP: PutraJaya May 27 most probably off

Our friends at have announced their Time To Attack Round 1 event which will take place on 20 May at Sepang Circuit. Therefore, for us to proceed with the planned MegaLAP PutraJaya Time Attack in conjunction with the huge ‘Hari Belia Negara’ celebrations by the Ministry of Youth and Sports on the weekend of May 27th doesn’t really make sense. To anyone.

So the next date we’re looking at will be either the 17th of June or 8th of July (preferably June though). Location? PutraJaya may still be possible, but we’re also thinking it’s about time we revive what we were the first to start back in 2009: Bukit Putus Touge Course!

And we’ll call it “MegaHILL Time Attack”, where the Men will stand out from the Boys.

What do YOU think?? Comments below!

Is everyone ready for a Time Attack at Bukit Putus?

Our now famous video of Djan blasting through Bukit Putus:

And on-board with Danial Marzuki back in 2010:

MegaLAP 2012 Round 2: Registration is Open!

Registration is OPEN for Round 2 of MegaLAP 2012!

Following are the details:

Track : Sepang International Circuit
Date : Saturday 21st April 2012
Time : 12noon – 4pm
Price : RM 500/SGD 230 entry; includes the RM 100/SGD 50 transponders deposit.

Confirmation/Registration by payment on first come first serve basis.

Sepang Circuit have confirmed that the pits will be available for this round, so we won’t be stuck with the fiasco of Round 1.

Regulations are the same, with the explanation here, with one excception- the inclusion of a new category:

The definition is straight-forward. Supercars with tyres up to semi-slick level will now participate in this category only, unless they are Racing Cars whereby they will categorised into Open Spec category.
What’s a Supercar? Don’t test everyone’s intelligence: Nissan GTRs, Ferraris, Porsche 911s and above (Caymans aren’t ‘supers’), Honda NSX, Mercedes SLS, Ford GT40, etc.

For Registration and Payment:
Singapore: get in touch with Henry Tang +65-81982081 /
Malaysia: kindly contact Faisal Asri +6016-2624299 /
Malaysia Registration Agent: N1 Racing, Sunway

Last date for Federal Motorsport Tyres order for MegaLAP Round 2 is 10 April 2012. For more information and list of sponsored-rate tyres and prices, check out the page here.

Federal Motorsport Tyres signs as tyre partner for events

Federal Motorsport Tyres continues its stand as a proud supporter of Malaysian motorsports by signing up as a tyre partner for’s range of motor-racing events for the year 2012.

Federal Motorsports is the high-performance and competition tyres arm of Federal Tire Corporation, it’s range of growing popularity including the Federal 595-SS, Federal 595-RSR road-legal semi-slick, and the Federal FZ-201 series which has been used by racing teams in the Sepang 1000KM endurance race.

Federal Motorsports Tyre will provide special, sponsored pricing of its revolutionary, racing-bred FZ-201series tyre to racers and participants of’s range of motor-racing events, including the popular Saturday Night Fever Challenge Series and the MegaLAP Time Attack Series.

Federal Motorsports involvement in events is to increase the awareness of their line-up of ultra high-performance tyres by supporting exciting opportunities that take their products to the limit, proving the capabilities of Federal Motorsports Tyres as a serious choice for the performance driving enthusiast.

Mr Lee Wei Fong, General Manager of A-One Tyres Sdn Bhd explains, “ events reach out to a wide-range of active motorsports enthusiasts and we are excited to enhance and support their activities. We believe our unique competition compound FZ-201 tyres will deliver winning performance to the participants.”

Information, pricing, and ordering details are available HERE.

MegaLAP 2012 Round 1: Official Results

OFFICIAL RESULTS: MegaLAP Time Attack 2012
DATE: 26 February 2012

*The complete results for each heat and lap-by-lap analysis may be downloaded below each category’s results. Click on official results sheet images for larger view

CLICK to view the FREE PRACTICE Timing Sheet (PDF Format)

Clubsprint Spec, NA & VTEC/FI

Download results for Clubsprint Spec, NA & VTEC/FI (.RAR format)



Download results for DRAGSTAR Pro Spec, FF & 4WD(.RAR format)



Download results for WESTFIELD Open Spec 2WD & 4WD; DRAGSTAR Pro Spec RWD (.RAR format)


Official Sponsor: Renault Sport
Motorsport Playground

Renault Sport signs as Official Sponsor for MegaLAP

Renault Sport is making its appearance as a proud supporter of Malaysian motorsports with its move by signing up as the Official Sponsor for’s MegaLAP Time Attack Series, which commences this coming 26th February 2012 at Sepang International Circuit.

Renault Sport is the motorsports and performance brand of Renault cars, brought in and managed by TC Euro Cars Sdn Bhd from their new showroom in Section 13, Petaling Jaya. Renault Sport is responsible such revered hot-hatches as the newly launched Renault Clio Renault Sport 200, and the popular Renault Megane Renault Sport 250.

Their involvement in MegaLAP is to increase the awareness of the fiery Renault Sport line-up by supporting exciting activities within the market-segment that would find Renault Sport vehicles a serious choice of performance car.

Mr Reza Mutalib, General Manager of TC Euro Cars Sdn Bhd exclaims, “MegaLAP is the perfect platform for Renault Sport to get in touch with like-minded enthusiasts. Renault Sport cars are built for driving enthusiasts by driving enthusiasts. We feel MegaLAP participants are indeed spirited drivers that would enjoy such a vehicle.”

Renault Sport is also expecting to see a number of their owners compete and have good time at MegaLAP over the weekend.