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MegaLAP Rnd2 postponed to 2 June


Due to the announcement on the 10th April 2013 that polling for the 13th General Election for Malaysia will be held on the 5th of May 2013, we the Organisers have made the decision to postpone Round 2 of MegaLAP ClubSPRINT 2013 to the 2nd of June 2013.

Our friends at BMW Motorrad (Thanks Fazli!) and Sepang International Circuit have been graceful to fully support this change.


RM 350 + RM 100 transponder deposit



10:30    Registration & log-in (at the Media Centre)
12:00    Driver’s Briefing (Compulsory)
13:00    Session 1
13:30    Session 2
14:00    Session 3
14:30    Session 4
15:00    Session 5
15:30    Session 6
16:00    Prize Giving

GT Radial will continue to support the event, and the launch of the brand new Champiro SX2 extreme UHP tyre will continue as planned.

Introducing ClubSPRINT Series 2013!

It’s always been’s intentions to provide affordable motorsports for everyone, thus for 2013 MegaLAP Time Attack is evolving and we’re going back to grassroots and the masses.

Introducing the MegaLAP ClubSPRINT Series, which will be a Time Attack format event for Car Clubs/One Make and limited to Street Tyres. We invite all interested Car Clubs to get in touch with us, to create a category just for your individual group of vehicles. Minimum entries per make/model is 10 cars for trophies up to 5th place!

The original ClubSprint NA and Clubsprint VTEC/FI categories will continue to exist with a minimum of 8 starters, but the focus is on the Car Clubs/One Make. We really want more people to get started in motorsports.

The earlybird Entry Fee is only RM 350 (plus RM 100 transponder deposit) up to 2-weeks before the event. Normal Entry Fee is RM 380 (plus RM 100 transponder deposit).

Confirmation/Registration by payment on first come first serve basis. Slots are non-refundable but can be transferred or deferred to the next event.

Round 1 is confirmed, and the Regulations are being drawn up and shall be posted before Christmas.

Several Car Clubs are already showing big interest, and we’ll list these down as they can confirm. Tentatively: Altezza, BMW, Jazz, Fiesta, Lancer GT, Volvo.

If you or your Car Club is interested and would like to know more information, please do contact us:

MEGALAP: New Clubsprint CVT Auto NA category

We’ve seen sufficient demand for a category catering to the increasing prolific CVT gearbox for street cars, and Auto-gearboxed cars in general.

Although not generally the performance gearbox of choice, many OEM car manufacturers are coming out with CVT gearboxes to enhance the mileage of their vehicles, but this has of course not hindered the enthusiasts for wanting to do more with their everyday drives than was originally engineered for. There are some pretty exciting cars out there which run CVT gearboxes including the Lancer GT, Inspira 2.0, the very pretty Honda CR-Z and popular Jazz, Mitsubishi Colt, and a couple of Audis amongst others.

As per the category name, normal Automatic Transmission vehicles are also permitted. Honda Civic 2.0 AT, or perhaps Altezza RS200 AT or RX8 AT anyone??

As this is the last round for MegaLAP 2012 we’re introducing this new category with the following regulations:

Limited to Street tyres only, no semi-slicks allowed. For a list of tyres that are NOT PERMITTED please click here

The limit for engine capacity is 2-litres. This caters for the majority of CVT gearbox engined vehicles, and keeps competition tight.

For this preview round of the new category, it’s limited to Naturally Aspirated engines only. Hybrids permitted, but no forced induction or laughing gas (NOS). Original OEM engines only – so no K20A conversions into a Civic 2.0 AT please!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW so head on over to our nearest Registration Agent to get in the game!

DJ Chris Schweizer to rock Sepang Rooftop during MegaLAP Final 1st Dec!

Chris Schweizer will be bombing the beats at the Sepang Circuit Rooftop during the MegaLAP Final on 1st December 2012, hitting it hard with mixes which have propelled him to the top of the charts in Buenos Aires.

This is all part of the joint year-end celebration that we’re doing together with TWELVE, the top party of the local party scene. Chris will be coming on at just after midnight to knock things off with a bang, but it’s all starting with a bang from 5pm onwards with a line-up of the top Malaysian DJs:
Ramsey Westwood
Rojak Bois

And this is why this edition of TWELVE is called The Reunion: they’re bringing back all the DJs that have ever played at all the previous TWELVE parties!


MegaLAP Drivers – RM 30, limited to 1 pax only
Only permitted entry once you have complete your runs. We will cut your driving tags off when you come into the party, so don’t go in before your final run or you won’t be able to do your last session!
Your MegaLAP Entry Fee includes 1 Driver’s Pass and 1 supporters pass to MegaLAP general area.

Pre-Sale – RM 60
Yes, we’re selling Pre-sale tickets, do enquire. There will be a limited number of Pre-sale priced tickets for MegaLAP spectators at the entry gate before the tunnel, but once these are gone, they’re gone!

Door-Sale – RM 80
If you miss all the pre-sales then it’s RM 80 dude.

Parking – RM 10
For the whole night, whether spectating or heading to the party.

MegaLAP General Entry – RM 10
Till 1030pm. MegaLAP finishes at 11pm. No access to TWELVE, but you can purchase tickets at the door.

MegaLAP Media
Please email us at to register for access to MegaLAP.



Announcing: MegaLAP 2012 Finale Night Edition, 1 Dec 2012

MegaLAP Time Attack 2012 Finale: Night Edition, Sepang, 1 December 2012

They say the Best Drivers can lap at night as quick as in the daytime. So it’s time to put that to rest: Are you a MegaDRIVER?!?

And hey, since it’s the end of the year, since it’s the last round of the season, and especially since it’s that time when all those party-going chickas are back in town from overseas for their year-end holidays, we thought we’d add some value:

13 local DJs and 1 to-be-confirmed international DJ will be spinning from 3pm till late Late LATE!!
After the on-track action, head upstairs to rave all night long! No shit people, this is the Real Deal. TWELVE is one of the best and most well-known local dance-parties, and it’s joining us for the 2012 Finale!!!
Tickets are RM 58 pre-sale, and RM 78 at the door.
For more information on the party, please visit their Facebook page by clicking here



Location: Sepang F1 Circuit
Date : Saturday 1st December 2012
Time : 7pm – 11pm
Price : RM 500/SGD 230 entry by Wednesday 28/11; RM 600 for late entries
- Includes the RM 100/SGD 50 transponders deposit. 

Confirmation/Registration by payment on first come first serve basis.


Regulations are the same, with the explanation here.
The CLUBSPRINT – CAMPRO CHASE is expanded to include Proton 4G1x series engines and shall be renamed CLUBSPRINT – CAMPRO / 4G1x. General regulations for this category is outlined here.


1530:   Registration and log-in
1800:   Driver’s Briefing (Compulsory)
1900:   Practice Run
2000:   Session 1 – Clubsprint
2030:   Session 2 – Pro FF + 4WD
2100:   Session 3 – Pro RWD + Open + Supercars
2130:   Session 4 – Clubsprint
2200:   Session 5 – Pro FF + 4WD
2230:   Session 6 – Pro RWD + Open + Supercars
2300:   Prize Giving Ceremony


Everyone gets to run in the 1-hour practice session.

Each category will then be given 2 x 25 minute runs, in alternate sessions e.g. Session 1 and Session 4, or Session 2 and Session 5, or Session 3 and Session 6.

Sporting Regulations for MegaLAP are available for download here.

Recommended strategy:
– Don’t go out as soon as the session light turns green. Give it about 5-6 minutes, then head out and do 2 flying laps, and make them good ones!
– PG is notoriously hard on tyres.. but only if you drive like a dick! Carry a bit less speed into turns to avoid scrubbing your front tyres and understeer, focus on a clean entry with late turn-in and power-out on the exit
– Turns 1, 5 and 6 are the hardest on your front-left tyres. Do not scrub at these turns, load them up gently on turn-in and be smooth


Categories are divided by tyre-classification. Clubsprint is for Street Tyres, Pro is for Semi-Slick tyres:
– ClubSprint for street cars on street tyres, up to 2.5L capacity. Sub-categories for VTEC/Turbo, NA, and Proton Campro/4G1x.
– Pro Spec for street cars on semi-slick tyres (as per THIS LIST), in accordance to World Time Attack Rules. Sub-categories for 4WD, RWD, FF-NA, and FF-FI
– Open 2WD and Open 4WD are for pure competition-prepared vehicles on semi-slicks, SFI-level racing safety gear required
– Supercars category is for… Supercars! This has been defined HERE

Technical Regulations for MegaLAP are available for download here.

Singapore: get in touch with Henry Tang +65-81982081 /
Malaysia: kindly contact Faisal Asri +6016 262 4299 /
OR Adian Yein Khalid +6012-6881200 /
Registration Agents (Malaysia): N1 Racing, Sunway
OR Millennium Motorsports, Sunway
OR DragStar, Aman Suria

Registration Form for MegaLAP is available for download here.

Last date for Federal Motorsport Tyres order for MegaLAP Finale is 22 Nov 2012 (1-week before event). The program now includes both the FZ201 and the 595 RSR tyres. For more information and list of sponsored-rate tyres and prices, check out the page here.

Here’s a video of the TWELVE party from Merdeka Race 2012..


MegaLAP Rnd 5 Pasir Gudang: Official Release


Team Kazama Powered By DRIVE M7 have set the official fastest ever recorded street car laptime at the classically challenging Pasir Gudang circuit in Johor Bahru with a time of 1m 44.861s at Hyrax Oil MegaLAP Time Attack 2012 Round 5 Pasir Gudang which was held on 7 October 2012.

Hyrax Oil MegaLAP Time Attack Pasir Gudang is the first ever time attack event to take place at the venerable but much loved Johor Circuit, with its 12 high-speed corners and flowing circuit layout challenging the 55 drivers and teams as they pounded away to become the fastest ever cars at Pasir Gudang. Participating vehicles ranged from a string of Volvo 240s to a stunning Porsche Cayman S, with entries from KL, JB, and Singapore.

Team Kazama Powered By DRIVE M7’s driver Lai Wee Sing set the blistering time with their heavily-tuned Honda Civic FD2 Type-R which won top honours in the Pro-FF category for Street-tuned cars running semi-slick tyres. The team were also entered in the 9tro Clubsprint VTEC & Turbo category for tuned Street-tuned cars on street tyres, the car proving to be unbeatable with a best time of 1m 45.780s.

Lai Wee Sing, or affectionately known as “Ah-Lai” mentions, “We set-up the car to run on the new Hankook RS3 tyres for the Clubsprint category, but during the event day when we initially swapped to the Yokohama A050 semi-slick tyres the handling balance was off and we were not able to go any much quicker.” After setting a ‘banker’ in the 1st session, the team adapted and only ran the A050s at the front for the 2nd Pro-FF session which resulted in their best time. Both driver and team are Johor Bahru locals.

In the Open 2WD category Kesavamoorthy Ayyavu of Ayyavu Jr. Racing Team in his Honda Integra DC5 Type-R took top spot with a best time of 1m 47.949s, just ahead of Singaporean Jonathan Xie of SK Garage.

Pro-RWD category saw high-powered sports cars taking to the circuits tortuous curves, with eventual winner Nick Mah setting a best time of 1m 54.929s in his Porsche Cayman S.

With a total of 18 entries, the special category created for VolvoRacers Club saw intense action as these most unassuming of Time Attack machines belted around the circuit at astonishing speeds. Fastest Volvo of the day was an S70 driven by Ghazi Fawwaz with a time of 2m 01.903s.

The MegaLAP Time Attack 2012 Grand Finale will take place at Sepang International Circuit on 1st December 2012 with a night Time Attack from 7pm till 11pm, together with a dance party by reknown organisers TWELVE running from 3:00 pm till 1:00 am on the Pit Rooftop. Tickets and details available from the website.

For more information and details:
Click here for full event results
Click here for full event story and photos


VolvoRacer Club
1st Ghazi Fawwaz S70 2:01.903
2nd Eddy Zafren 854 2:03.550
3rd Muhammad Hizafiq 240 Turbo 2:04.332

9tro Clubsprint – Campro / 4G1x
1st Michael Ayyavu Satria Neo 1:56.067
2nd Tommy Ho Satria Neo 2:05.691

9tro Clubsprint – NA
1st Mohd Fazaruddin Satria GTI 1:56.053
2nd Adian E30 325i 1:56.748
3rd Robert Lim Swift Sport 2:16.981

9tro Clubsprint – VTEC & Turbo
1st Lai Wee Sing Civic FD2 Type-R 1:45.780
2nd Jayhangir WRX 1:49.813
3rd Kesavamoorhy Ayyavu Civic FD2 Type-R 1:50.677

1st Lai Wee Sing Civic FD2 Type-R 1:44.861
2nd Jonathan Xie Civic FD2 Type-R 1:48.512
3rd Gerald Tan Civic FD2 Type-R 1:50.122

1st Nick Mah Cayman S 1:54.929
2nd Lim Keong Wee Exige 1:55.210
3rd Mohd Nasri Said E92 M3 1:59.180

1st James Kee WRX STi 1:51.260
2nd Michael Choo WRX 1:11.793
3rd Jerry Lim WRX 1:54.912

Open 2WD
1st Kesavamoorthy Ayyavu Civic FD2 Type-R 1:47.949
2nd Jonathan Xie Civic FD2 Type-R 1:48.512
3rd Mark Ong S2000 1:49.194