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SNF 2013: Critical Updates before Rnd 1

Some important items to highlight as we head towards Round 1 of SNF 2013 this coming weekend, which will also answer a couple of queries that have been put forward these past few weeks:

1: Fire Extinguishers
– now required for 2013. We have not specified any particular specifications, thus at minimum a spray can-type Fire Extinguisher with holder which can be cable-tied to your rollcage is good enough.
– No Fire Extinguisher, No Race bro!

2: NOS update
– Nitrous Oxide is only permitted in SuperStreet category, and Racing Cars Class 1 category.

3:  Competition Numbers
– For those that have registered their numbers and designs with us, please go ahead and produce / prepare them for this coming round

4: Named SNF Championship driver 
– Please decide on your which name will be the Registered Championship driver. This will have an effect on the SNF 1-hour Enduro race which will take place later this year (either Round 3 or Round 4, to be confirmed)
– As mentioned in the regulations, the 2nd Driver for the Enduro must not be a current named SNF Championship driver. Named SNF Championship Drivers from other categories are also not permitted to be the 2nd Driver for another category
– However, a 2nd Driver for a team in one category, may be 2nd Driver for another car team in a different category example 2nd driver for Desmond Yee in SuperStreet, and then 2nd driver for SinghBoy in Special Kei.

5: Fuel Surge Tanks
– Surge Tanks will be permitted from Round 3 onwards.
– However, these will be required to be inspected and certified beforehand to ensure that the quality of material, the design of the tank, the electrical assembly, and the quality and type of hoses used is acceptable. Inspection dates will be published in the following weeks, once we have released the design specifications for this item
– What we can tell you now and what will be incorporated into the Surge Tank ASR Regulations:

Fuel Lines: all lines must be fitted in such a way that any leakage cannot result;
Fuel Pumps: are free except they may not be mounted in Driver compartment. The fuel pumps must shut off when the engine stops running and the fuel pumps may have a by-pass system for start-up;
Isolation: have a bulkhead between any fuel tank and filler and the driver/passenger compartment sufficient to prevent the passage of flame or liquid. Where a fuel tank constitutes part of the bulkhead between the passenger and luggage compartments, an additional bulkhead must be fitted;
Cut-off: These must be equipped with an effective method of stopping fuel supply and operable by the driver when normally seated. This to be combined with or located adjacent to the internal ignition cut-off switch;
Tanks: every effort should be made to isolate fuel tanks and pipes from the driver/passenger compartment. It must be designed in such a way that fuel spillage is minimal in the event of accident damage. Tanks should be located so that they are given maximum protection by the structure of the vehicle. Vents should be designed to avoid spillage if the vehicle becomes inverted.

FUEL SURGE TANK MUST BE ISOLATED FROM THE CABIN WITH A SECONDARY BULKHEAD IF NO BULKHEAD EXISTS. Sunday Track Day 7 Apr 2013 9am – 1pm (2 x 2hr sessions) Track Day SUNDAY 7th April 2013, 9am – 11am & 11am – 1pm

A double-header track day session, 2hrs per session. Pick and choose or go for both, the decision is yours! This way, we get to better control the number of participants per session.

Participation fee is our 2013 2-hours standard of RM330/SGD135.
BUT we have the EarlyBird offer (first 30 cars only) for an incredible RM 300/SGD120 only!
And if you want to whack BOTH sessions, we have a package of only RM 560/SGD225 (limited to 20 cars only).

We’re looking at 70 cars per session, so be quick to make your booking because as usual our track days are full very quickly. As was seen during our last New Year’s Track Day and the previous MegaLAP ClubSPRINT, we will be strict about it: we are not going to accept anything once the quota is full.

We’ll have three blocks of pits will be made available, so pits will not be a problem.

Following are the details:

Track : Sepang Full Circuit
Date : Sunday 7th April 2013
Time : 9am – 11am & 11am – 1pm
Earlybird Price : Earlybird special RM 300/SGD 120 (first 30 spots only)
Normal Price : RM 330/SGD 135
Package Price: RM 560/SGD225 for both sessions (limited to 20 spots only)
2nd Driver: As usual it’s RM 100/SGD 50


Confirmation/Registration by payment on first come first serve basis. and RCA Instructors are also available on a ‘per 30mins slots’ @ RM 100 – Terms and Conditions apply.

Compulsory safety briefing:
Session 1 is at 830am;
Session 2 is at 1030am;
in the Media Centre as usual.

Slots are transferable or can be deferred to the next track event; we do not refund.

For Registration and Payment: 
Singapore: get in touch with Henry Tang +65-81982081
Malaysia: kindly contact Faisal Asri +6016-2624 299 /
Registration Agents (Malaysia):
– N1 Racing, Sunway
– Millennium Motorsports, Sunway

Hope to see you there!

BMW Club & Friends Vehicle Dynamics Course with

January 12th 2013 saw a total of 15 cars from the BMW Club Malaysia together with a couple of their friends in other cars participate in the course for “Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics & Limit Handling” at Shah Alam Stadium Carpark. It was a mix of all types of cars, and with a lady driver as well (who did very well indeed!).

The weather played its part thankfully, with overcast skies for most of the day up till about past lunchtime. Speaking of which, the 4 barrels of KFC fried chicken went down pretty quick when you have 15 ravishing drivers pumped with adrenalin!

The course introduced the participants to
– Skid Control at 70 km/h
– Braking Avoidance at 70 km/h
– Lane change at 80 km/h
– Staggered Gate Slalom at 80 km/h

And we finished the day with a little Autocross competition as a culmination of all that they observed through the day’s activities.

Photos below!


SNF 2013: Racing License Package for SNF 2013

SNF 2013 Subsidised License Package
The following license package is valid only for National C licenses only. Offer is only for 1 license per car entry
* This specific package is limited to cars only

Two Licence Options: AAM or MAM.
Free licence will be arranged & paid by for this package only.
Participants are required to Register and make payment SNF Round 1,Round 2 & Round 3, with entry forms for all 3 rounds to be completed. These are non-transferable to later rounds. If you miss a round, then it is forfeit.
Deadline for submission is Monday 18th February 2013

Non-package licence applicants, please make own arrangement.

1) AAM
• Download AAM Licence application form (CLICK HERE)
• Fill up and complete
• Do Medical checkup at AAM panel clinic. Details on back page of form. CLICK HERE here for list of clinics.
• Submit with previous AAM competition licence (if renewing), 2 photos, photocopy of driving licence & IC.
• SNF Entry Forms Round 1, Round 2 & Round 3
• Pay RM1400 to registration agent. ( RM450x3= RM1350 + RM50 AAM affiliated club membership fee).

2) MAM
• Download MAM Medical & Licence Form (CLICK HERE)
• Fill up and complete
• Print medical form, and conduct medical check-up at any clinic. CLICK HERE to download the medical form.
• Submit with 1 photo, photocopy of driving licence , IC and MAM competition licence (if renewing)
• SNF Entry Forms Round 1, Round 2 & Round 3
• Pay RM1350 to registration agent. (RM450x3= RM1350)


SNF 2012 Championship Awards ceremony High Tea

We would like to invite all SNF 2012 Champions and the Top-5 in the Championship for the SNF 2012 Championship Awards Presentation!

Date: 20 January 2013
Time: 230pm till 5pm.
Venue: Chef n Brew.
Address: Epicure, No 1, Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Dresscode: Smart casual, team-shirts recommended!

2.00pm   Arrival of Guest and Media Registration
3.00pm   Arrival of VIP
3.05pm    Welcome note by MC
3.10pm   Presentation by Adian Yein, Event Director
3.20pm   SNF 2012 Championship Awards Presentation
3.45pm   Official Launch Ceremony SNF 2013
3.50pm   Q&A Session
4.00pm   High Tea

Mini Green Peas & Mushroom Pie
Spaghetti Olio Mushroom
Tuna Sandwich
Mini chocolate Cake
Teh Tarik

Top-5 SNF 2012 Cship all categories (total 56 pax)

Additional Guests
RM 40 per head, limited to maximum of 50 pax only

By Wednesday 16 January

To RSVP or book places for additional guests, please email
Due to space constraints, there is a total limit of only 60 additional guests, with up to 2 additional guests each. Please book early with us and organise payment to confirm.

SNF 2013 Regulations Published

We have released the Official Regulations for SNF 2013 Series. To download the regulations, please refer to the buttons at the bottom.


Introduction of categories for Motorcycles
– We are introducing 2 new categories: SNF 135 and SNF 150
– SNF 135 is for 2-stroke bikes up to 135cc or 4-stroke bikes up to 200cc
– SN F150 is for 2-stroke bikes up to 150cc or 4-stroke bikes up to 250cc

Categories for Cars
– SuperStreet will no longer have it’s sub-categories; all types of driveline formats and capacities and whatever are permitted for SuperStreet: basically a free-for-all Street car race!
– The 1.8 VTEC/Turbo category is open to Normally-Aspirated VTEC engines, as well as forced-induction non-VTEC engines. Turbocharged VTEC engines are not permitted, and are advised to race in SuperStreet.
– Small-volume and kit-cars below 1800cc do not qualify for the 1.8 category, nor Class 2 of Racing Cars category. For street cars, it is advised to race in SuperStreet. For Racing Cars, they will be classified under Class 1.
– Please be informed that para 2.1.1 of the Technical Regulations states “Organiser’s decision to accept or decline a car’s categorisation shall be final”. If any particular vehicle shows any signs of significant advantage over the rest of the field, we hold the right to move the entry to a higher or larger capacity category classification.
– These changes are to keep the competition tight between participating vehicles, such that no one particular vehicle may hold a significant advantage over the rest of the participating field.
– We have a previous post on the rollcage requirements. Click here to view.

Entry Fee
– Entry Fee for cars is RM 350 + RM 100 transponder deposit
– Entry Fee for bikes is RM 150 + RM 100 transponder deposit
– Entries OPEN 1 month before event and CLOSE 3 days before ( Wednesday). Thursday & Friday are LATE entry, and will require an additional RM200 late-entry fee
– No entries are accepted on event day.

Race Format
– For cars there will be 6 Sprint rounds featuring 2 heats of 8 laps each
– And 1 compulsory Enduro round, which will be 1-hour endurance race for 2 drivers for all categories  except Mini and Special Kei. For these other 2 categories, they will run a double-header 2 heats of 25-minutes.
– It is compulsory for both drivers to drive in the Enduros. Tyre changes and refuelling not permitted during the 1-hour race. The 2nd driver must not be a Championship contender for the 2013 SNF Championship.
– The Enduro will be either Round 3 in June or Round 4 in August. The final date will be announced in March.

– For Racing Cars, full slicks are no longer permitted. This change is to help reduce the cost of competing and being competitive
– For bikes, only street tyres are permitted

Competition Numbers for Cars
– SNF cars will be allowed to choose and lock-in a competition number for the whole year. A personalised Competition Number design ala NASCAR is also permitted. The dimensions for your design should be within an A4-sized paper in Landscape (length-wise) format.
– Please submit your designs via email ( for verification and approval by our side. Any font and colour is permitted, although it is important that the design is legible and readable from a distance. Glow in the dark and reflective numbering stickers are encouraged.
– We will provide the number sticker backing, you make your own number sticker!
– For those that do not wish to make their own competition numbers, you can log-in your preferred numbers with us asap and they will be locked-in. We will issue 1 set of basic font black number stickers at the beginning of the season.

Sticker sets
– Only 1 pair (left-right) of white A4-sized backing sticker for the competition number will be provided by us at the beginning of the season.
– Only 1 set of windscreen and number stickers provided for the year
– Additional orders are RM 10 per set number stickers; RM 15 per set windscreen stickers

SNF Championship
– For cars, a minimum participation and points scoring of 4 of the Sprint rounds and a compulsory entry in the SNF Enduro is necessary in order to qualify for the SNF Championship at the end of the season
– For Bikes, a participation in a minimum of 5 rounds is necessary

SNF 2013 Calendar
• Round 1 – 2nd March 2013 (North)
• Round 2 – 20th April 2013 (South)
• Round 3 – 29th June 2013 (South)
• Round 4 – 24th August 2013 (North – TBA Enduro)
• Round 5 – 21st September 2013 (South – TBA Enduro)
• Round 6 – 2nd November 2013 (South)
• Round 7 – 14th December 2013 (North)

– Both MAM and AAM racing licenses are  valid for SNF
– For a list of AAM panel clinics, click on this previous post




Entry Form

Car Regs

Moto Regs

Sporting Regs

AAM Form

[red_button href=””] License Form [/red_button]

MAM Form

[red_button href=””] License Form [/red_button]

MAM Medical

[red_button href=””] Medical Form [/red_button]


Disclaimer: Exclusion of liability, release and assumption of risk.

Persons are reminded that motorsport is dangerous and accidents can happen. All care is taken to protect the public but are warned that there is a possibility of an accident causing property damage, injury, or death. In exchange for being able to attend or participate in the event, you hereby acknowledge that the entry to the event has a degree of danger and release, Matrix Motorsports Promotion Sdn Bhd, clubs, corporations, organisations, and persons having any connections with the promoting, organising or conduct with the event shall have no liability to you.