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Speedworks tuning kits for Inspira

Speedworks have long been established as a premium-quality provider of tuning parts and kits for various cars, and with the introduction of the Proton Inspira, are one of the first on the scene with high-quality hop-ups that raise the performance of the standard car quite impressively.

I had the opportunity to take their Inspira 1.8 demonstrator for a whack over a few days, and upfront compared to stock car the improvements are very noticeable. Set-up with a K&N filter and Injection kit, coupled to a full Hot Bits extractor and exhaust system, power is up by 23hp to 150hp @ 6300rpm. Of particular interest is the torque output, now 182Nm which is what a good 2L engine puts out. This comes at 5500 rpm though, hinting at a revvy nature in order to make the most of the new pulling power.

High-quality parts make the Speedworks kit

The car is also fitted with a full-on double-adjustable Hot Bits DTI coil-over suspension kit. I was expecting a hard bone-jarring ride, which is typical of many coil-over setups but surprise-surprise, Speedworks have worked hard at tuning the ride on this particular setup to be pleasantly compliant and supple, reminiscent of what we like to call ‘Euro-feel ride and handling’.

“The Hot Bits adjustable coil-over suspension is of course infinitely tune-able. For the Demonstrator we decided a good euro-feel would be a best example of our capabilities,” claims Eugene Ng, Technical Sales Manager for Speedworks.

I decide to take the Speedwork Inspira up to Genting Highlands in order to extract the most out of it: from smooth highspeed highway climbs to steep and twisting mountain roads, it’s the best available route!

Heading out of the Gombak toll, the first thing that’s noticeable is that, 150hp or not, this is still a 1.8L. A bunch of revs needs to be dialled in to keep the momentum for the high-speed climbs that is required of Karak highway. Keep it spinning in 4th gear instead of 5th, and above 4000rpm the exhaust note is quite butch with a biting rasp, but thankfully not booming so it’s comfortable to spin the engine hard.

Once off the highway and dragging up the mountain, the suspension’s handling take a front seat and the fast pace I’m keeping is punishing as we push hard up the steep climbs. Turn-in was initially not very confidence-inspiring, so I stopped by the road side, turned-down the damping, and set-off again. With that simple exercise, the car was transformed and responded quicker to my driving inputs, yet never too exciting that it threatened to bite. Job well done!

On the drive back down the next day, I was sorry to have to return the car as I had become quite attached to it. The Proton Inspira is a pretty well-built car, nothing compared to the nightmare days of the first batch of Gen2s released from Tanjung Malim, and Speedwork’s hot-up bits made it a bit more fun and frenzied to drive hard, yet had fabulous ride which I thoroughly enjoyed.

If you’re interested to turn up the wick of your Inspira, do swing by Speedworks at Jalan 227 in Petaling Jaya.

K&N Air Filter Element RM 530.00
K&N Air Filter Injection Kit RM 600.00
Hot Bits Injection Kit Heat Sheild RM 300.00
Hot Bits Extractor – Stainless Steel RM 580.00
Hot Bits Exhausts System Mid-section RM 600.00
Hot Bits Exhaust System Rear-section RM 800.00
Greddy E-manage Blue ECU RM 1,500.00
Hot Bits Adjustable Suspension Kit RM 4,000.00
AXT Oversize Discs Fr 350mm OD RM 1,750.00
AXT Oversize Discs Fr 340mm OD RM 1,450.00

Babes of the 2011 Bangkok Motor Show

No motor show is ever complete without the girls to adorn the stands, making even the most uninteresting car seem like the most beautiful thing there, and the Bangkok Motor Show provides for the ideal combination of skin and metal. So, our journey to seek the best congregation of skin and metal continues with the girls from the 2011 Bangkok Motor Show.