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Babes of the 2011 Bangkok Motor Show

No motor show is ever complete without the girls to adorn the stands, making even the most uninteresting car seem like the most beautiful thing there, and the Bangkok Motor Show provides for the ideal combination of skin and metal. So, our journey to seek the best congregation of skin and metal continues with the girls from the 2011 Bangkok Motor Show.

Transvestite Ms Universe Winner bags Honda Jazz

Amazing bit of news this! Check this link: “Ms Tiffany’s showpiece event”


Nalada Thamthanakorn (Thai: ณลดา ธรรมธนาคร น้องมิค) is the winner of the 13th Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2010, Thailand’s most popular transsexual beauty pageant. The 19 year-old transvestite was named Thailand’s most beautiful ‘katoey’ (ladyboy or woman-of-the-2nd-category). The Bangkok university student received a check for Bt100,000, a new Honda Jazz plus the added attention that comes with being the Miss Tiffany Universe winner (errr.. WTF?!! – Adian).

The choice of errmm.. real men..

The choice of errmm.. real men..

The Miss Tiffany Show vice Managing Director, Ms. Alisa Phanthisak, closed this years contest by stating, “We have come to the conclusion of the 13th Miss Tiffany Universe Contest and I am delighted to announce that this years event has surpassed its predecessors in every way. Here at the Tiffany Theatre we believe that the positive presentation we present for the transgender community both in Thailand and around the world has made the population more aware and accepting of their circumstances. We would like to thank all who attended the events at this years Miss Tiffany Universe competition and we hope to see you again next year.”

Ok, so my question is: Did Honda sponsor the Jazz?? Bizarre bit of brand direction and product placement going on there, whether or not it was a sponsored gift!

Petronas Pit Pulse 2010


In conjunction with the PETRONAS Malaysian GP held on 2 – 4 April 2010, Petronas has a whole array of activities, performances, and family fun cited at the PETRONAS KLCC Twin-Towers carpark, to celebrate their continued investment and participation in Formula 1, with the Malaysian GP of course being the home race for the Mercedes GP PETRONAS Team. Go-karts, Radio Control Cars, demonstrations by various PETRONAS teams and of course the big one, the PETRONAS  F1 Street Demo with Schumacher and Rosberg.

Pretty posing petite Petronas Pit Pulse pu... errrr, girls!!!!

Pretty posing petite Petronas Pit Pulse pu... errrr, girls!!!!

PETRONAS’ venture into motor sports however dates further back to 1988, when it was evident that motor sports was the ideal platform to help promote its fuel and lubricant products domestically. Starting with the partnership with a Malaysian rally team competing at the national, regional and international levels, this involvement led to partnerships with other teams racing in the high endurance and touring car circuits. From 1993, PETRONAS also became actively involved in motorcycle racing at the local, regional and international level.

On top of promoting both corporation and country to the world, motor sports also presents opportunities to enhance capabilities in supplementing of its core business: fuel and lubricants. The opportunity has allowed PETRONAS to expand it’s portfolio of partnerships to includes overseas markets and premium OEM vehicle manufacturers.

Bangkok Motorshow Beauties 2010


Our elusive stalker of international beauties,  X-man, has sent these photos of the beauties parading at the Bangkok International Motorshow 2010 that’s currently on-going this weekend. We’ve got to be one of the first to feature the gorgeous Bangkok car models! Click on the thumbnails for bigger pictures, and enjoy! And thank X-man while you’re at it!

Girls at car launches March 2010

Our fella X-Man has been busy with car launches this month, but hey it’s not all been a waste. What’s important is that he’s able to deliver with photos of the gorgeous females at the events. And uhh.. he leaves the videos and articles of the actual Car Launch to me!

Anyway enjoy: models from the Renault Koleos media preview, and the release of the facelifted Honda CRV.