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Bukit Putus Open Course Day, 7 Aug 2010


Date: 7 August 2010
Time: 9am till 5pm, 2 sessions
Venue: Bukit Putus, Senawang
Organiser: Ignition.My
Entry Fees:
– Half day RM 170 (SG friends $ 80)
– All day RM 300 (SG friends $ 140)
– Spectators RM 5

** Entry approval based only on Recommendation, and at the discretion of the Organisers
*** HPC/RCA track day experience, Time Attack experience, Autocross experience, AAM/MEM racing license, etc

– This is not a Sunday Drive, but a serious bit of whacking. If you and/or your Car Club want to organise something a bit more sedate, please do contact Adian for details
– Drifters session will be organised if there are significant numbers

You’ve seen the videos on! You’ve heard the tales of skill and daring! Now it’s time to run the course and find out for yourself!

First ever, legally closed hill course for motorsports and driving enthusiasts to enjoy! 4km stretch, which will be run Uphill on the ‘touge’ section.

Properly organised with marshals and active safety-measures for certain sections without barriers, with medical and tow-truck on standby all day.

There will be some stalls open, and we’re still contemplating a BBQ if we can afford the manpower. But do bring your own refreshments just in case.

Limited entry of around 60 cars only for each session, so be sure to Register quickly!

Send an email to or to register (Singapore: ) with the following info:

INTRODUCER / RECOMMENDATION (eg HPC / RCA / GRA / Lotus Club / Djan etc. Please don’t put “Go Fark Yourself” because keeping everyone alive is a serious business)

Payment details will be provided upon confirmation. It’s a first-pay-first-serve basis.

Map and directions to follow.