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Pics from Slide School 3-2012

A total of 7 cars turned up to play at our intermediate Slide School held on 14 July at Shah Alam Stadium car park. Even though they were basic S-courses and R-courses, everyone had a great time shreading rubber and improving their slide skills!

That is why Slide School exists: not everyone wants to be a drifter, but there are many that do want to learn and practice how to successfully go hang it sideways and hold a slide all the way around a turn.

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Slide School Intermediate – 14 July 2012

It’s time to ditch the Beginner donuts, and head straight to S-course, R-course, and Reverse R-course drift layouts!

No more donuts, seriously. We want to PLAY, so come out and join the fun! We’ll be creating 4 different courses, you fellas (and dolls) line up, and run through it. And we’ll do it like this all day long.

I guess we’re not all hardcore drifters and can’t make it to Djan’s SpeedCity Saturday Night Drift, so here’s the perfect place to play or practice your skills.

How does it work? Simple: a nice, big, open area; experienced instructors (errr, that’s me and Faisal); some basic guidelines and courses; and the recommendation to drive it like you stole it!

14 July 2012, 930am till we’re all tired (usually by mid-afternoon);
RM 200 per driver for a maximum of about 10-12 participants;
Venue is Shah Alam Stadium Carpark;
Tents, chairs and tables as well as drinking water provided.

To REGISTER please email

The video below is from previous Clinics we ran in 2011:


VIDEO: Tengku Djan tests out Bukit Putus


We’re looking at organising to awesome events at the now unused Bukit Putus road, and went down in early May 2010 to give it a go. Djan and Tat Wei both rocked up in their AE86s, and the area was suddenly swathed in the distinct braapp-braapp-braapp of a ported rotary and the scream of a wailing 4AGE as Djan and Tat Wei slammed down the short but very fast “downhill drift” section at over 100km/h!

It’s nuts really, there’s no way anyone but the top, crack-drifters are going to be able to handle that course!

But there’s another longer 4.4km section which features turn after 2nd-gear turn, and it is there that we plan to get some fun going later this year!

For now, watch the video as Djan massacres the ‘Touge’ section in his 86. You’ll never see anything like it in Malaysia!

VIDEO: Tengku Djan at Formula DRIFT SG 2010 Part2


The 2nd installation of a series of videos that lay bear to witness Tengku Djan’s decimation of the Formula DRIFT Singapore 2010 event held on 24/25 April at the Marina Bay F1 circuit. A total of 42 drivers from countries as far as Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and New Zealand competed in the first round of the Formula DRIFT Asia 2010.

This video covers Sunday’s Best-32 and Sweet-16 shootouts.

VIDEO: Tengku Djan at Formula DRIFT SG 2010 Part1


Tengku Djan lived up to his moniker, the “Tandem Assassin”, at the Formula DRIFT Singapopre 2010, making it look so easy as he dominated the weekend at the Marina Bay F1 circuit. But all sorts of other stuff go on behind the scene.

This is part 1 of the story, as always, in video!