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Visual Guide To Cornering


You have read it and heard it many times before. How to take a corner quickly and smoothly. Yet, when you get out there on the hills or on the circuit, you’re being left behind by the car in front. Allow me to brief you differently, hopefully with this one you’ll be able to better visualise what needs to be done.

These are the most basic-of-basic concepts you need to get into your mind if you’re serious about going quickly and smoothly:
1) Plan your lines
2) Look where you’re going
3) Brake in a straight line and don’t brake too late
4) Gentle throttle control
5) Go for a late Apex, then straighten out and floor that throttle!

In words, they’re hard to visualise. So I’m going to try my best here and make you understand it visually.

Brake, release, and Turn In


Balance the throttle, be patient


Approaching the Apex, straightening up, and opening the throttle


Touch the Apex, and floor it!


That’s as graphic as it can literally be! You can even practice this in simulators, it works the same. Get the basics right, then you can move forward to more advanced techniques such as Braking Into The Turn. But there’s no point trying that out if you’re turning in too early, accelerating too early, or even too late! When you see the road in the distance moving back towards the center, then and only then do you open it up. And when you do, open it up Big and Steer Towards the Exit, and your speeds will improve greatly.

Next, let’s look at how this affects multiple corners. In the real world, there are more linked corners than single turns, but generally the concept is the same: look as far as you can, take as late an apex as you can, and as soon as you see the corner open up you can floor the throttle.

Brake, look as far as you can, and turn in


Keep looking ahead, adjust the apex as necessary


Pinpoint the 2nd Apex, and strategise your cornering line


Past the 1st Apex, prepare for the 2nd corner


Set the car for the 2nd corner, balance the car, aim for a 2nd late apex


Head for as straight an exit as possible, keep looking at the end of the road


As you see the corner opening up, floor it!


So as you can see, you can’t run from the basics. Once again:
1) Plan your lines
2) Look where you’re going
3) Brake in a straight line and don’t brake too late
4) Gentle throttle control
5) Go for a late Apex, then straighten out and floor that throttle!

Stick to that formula, and I promise you, your speeds will increase greatly!

About adian

ADIAN YEIN ( Adian was one of the start-up members that initiated the Proton Motorsports Division back in 2003, together with Tengku Djan Ley and Khaidi Kamaruddin, running under the brand name R3 – Race Rally Research. Projects that he led include the Proton Satria R3, Lotus Europa, and all the R3 special edition vehicles up to 2007, where he then transferred to Proton Edar for an 1-year stint as Manager for Marketing Development. He has over 20 years of motorsports experience, both as driver and team manager, culminating in two back-to-back wins of the Merdeka Millennium Endurance race as the Team Manager of the Proton-R3 team. Highlights in his motorsports career include being a D1GP Judge opposite Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya, kicking off the malaysian autocross and drifting scene with the Proton SSO, and managing Team Proton-R3’s participation in the Japan Super GT in 2005. Adian was also the host of the car test drive and review television program “Get A Car” that aired on NTV7 in 2009. He currently a professional driving instructor and automotive events operator with Driven Communications, and co-host of the Driven Web Series. He has recently found joy door-to-door racing again at MSF!
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