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SNF 2015 Planning: Headlining categories and Cash Prizes


- confirmed Super Street, and defined regulations
- finalised Honda B-series engines in Street Tuned category up to 1700cc
– SNF Moto categories have been rebranded ‘SNF Moto Satu’ and ‘SNF Moto Dua’

- defined controlled turbo sizes for Street Tuned category
- defined limitations for Honda-engines in Street Tuned category
- introduced new regulations “Street 1600NA”, which is a sub-category to Street Tuned
– announcement of 0.5% tolerance for engine capacity calculation
– regulations are in final stage of formulation, and will be crystalised soon

- added regulations for Diesel turbo and engines and Hybrid vehicles in Street Tuned category
– added regulations for Diesel turbo in Race Car sub-categories

POSTED: 22 JULY 2014
As usual, mid-way through the year the SNF team is already planning for next year’s Championship, and as usual we’d like to share with you some developments and tweaks in order to gain some feedback from SNF racers, teams, and supporters!

Please take note that the framework is still *draft* and is still open for discussion and consideration, up until we submit them to the sanctioning body for approval. Constructive feedback from all teams and drivers is most welcome.


The biggest change to SNF 2015 is with regards to the races and the categories. There has been interest from a handful of sponsors for SNF to restructure the races and create ‘Headlining’ categories which will be available for sponsorship of prizes, either in cash or in-kind.

The SNF organising team has thought about this and we have updated and reorganized the categories for SNF 2015. There will now be one-each Headlining categories per discipline (Race Cars, Street Cars, and Moto), which will be ‘sold’ to sponsor partners as Trophy Championships, with corresponding prizes commitment provided by the sponsor. These premium categories will also receive higher media promotion and awareness, and it is hoped that the excitement and hype surrounding these headline categories will bring up SNF Racing as a whole. Entry fees for headline categories will also increase accordingly.

This is similar for example with NASCAR in the US:
There are 3 top touring series in NASCAR. The Sprint Cup series, the Nationwide series, and the Truck series. The Sprint Cup is the top level, they run the longest races, and earn the biggest prize money. Typically they run a 400-500 mile race every weekend. The Nationwide series is the next level down. Usually they run on the same tracks as the Cup series, and some of the drivers race in both races. The Truck series runs pick-up bodied chassis. There are also some regional and local divisions of NASCAR throughout the country. All 3 divisions have a different body style.

SNF Racing headline categories will be:
- Race Cars Class 1, which will be limited to mass-production saloon cars up to 3500cc
- Street Tuned, which will be expanded to include various variable valve timing engines, turbos, and such; thus creating one all-encompassing but exciting street tune-based racing formula
- Moto 150, without a doubt, is the faster and more exciting SNF moto category and worthy of some prize structure to create further fireworks amongst the teams and riders

SNF Racing is still the closest racing in town!

SNF Racing is still the closest racing in town!

SNF Racing supporting race categories will be:
Proton 1800 NA
Super 1500 NA
Special Kei
Race Cars Class 2
Moto 135

Tentative category:
SuperStreet Limited


For SNF 2015, safety requirements are to spec-up to match that of National level racing events:
Electrical cut-off switch required, with an additional external lever.
Rollcages must be minimum 6-point. For street categories they may be bolted to the floor, for Race Car categories they are to be welded to the floor as per FIA-specifications.
– For all categories, carpets are no longer compulsory as they present a fire-hazard.
Fuel surge tanks are permitted for Street cars, however the equipment such as tank, pumps, and fuel lines must be to FIA-specification; no exceptions to this rule will be permitted. A fireproof bulkhead or cover is required over the fuel pumps.


achilles300purpleAchilles Radial will continue to be the Official Tyres for SNF in 2015, with usable semi-slick street tyres being 165/60/14, 165/50/15, 195/50/15, and 235/45/17. Slick tyres will be available in 19/57/15 and 24/61/17.


Announcement: from 2015 onwards, there will be a 0.5% tolerance for engine capacity calculation. This is in par with several other international series.
Example: 1900cc +9.5cc; 1600cc + 8cc; 1500cc +7.5cc; etc 

Let us go through the categories one-by-one:

SNF Moto Satu & Dua
There are no changes to the 2 motorcycle categories which are:
– SNF Moto Dua is for 2-stroke bikes up to 135cc or 4-stroke bikes up to 200cc
– SNF Moto Satu is for 2-stroke bikes up to 150cc or 4-stroke bikes up to 250cc

Special Kei
No changes to the regulations which will be as per SNF 2014:
Special Kei – Front/Mid/Rear Engine, FWD/RWD /4WD cars below 1000cc, high volume unibody monocoque chassis only.
Turbocharged engines limited to 660cc, naturally-aspirated engine limited to 1000cc.
Limited to production cars which conform to the original Japanese production kei-car dimensions of: Max Length: 3.4m. Max width: 1.48m.
Limited to OEM narrow-body setup, with maximum width of add-on wheel arches to be 1.5 inches at the front, 1 inch at the rear. Tyres must not protrude beyond the bodywork.
OEM suspension type, mounting points, and location.
Engine block code must be visible and may be checked by organisers at any point during the event.
Tyres limited to the maximum width and diameter size of: 165/55-14, 165/50-15, and 185/60-13.

Super 1500 NA
No changes to the regulations which will be as per SNF 2014:
Front/Mid/Rear Engine, FWD/RWD /4WD cars below 1500cc, high volume unibody monocoque chassis and saloon-body only. (Lotus Elise/Exige/ Ariel Atom/KTM X-Bow/Radical etc do not qualify). No Rotary Engined cars. Strictly naturally aspirated engines only.
– Proton 4G15 may race here. As well as NA Myvis, Kelisa, Jazz, Civic 1.5, Swift 1.5, Vios, etc.


Proton 1800 NA
No changes to the regulations which will be as per SNF 2014:
Proton car and engine vehicles only, must be a production-based Proton vehicle; up to 1899cc, naturally-aspirated engines utilising original production Proton-type engine parts only (MIVEC heads not permitted); street-based vehicles only.
– Campro SP4H engined cars will also race in this category
– ‘Frankenstein’ jobs such as Gen2 with a 4G93P engine permitted in this category

Street Tuned Limited
Slight changes to include Honda VTEC engines and further definition for forced-induction engines:
Front Engine, FWD/RWD /4WD cars, high volume unibody monocoque chassis and saloon-body only. Below is listed the specific capacities and engines permitted:
a) Forced induction up to 1600cc (turbo or super) non-variable valve timing.
Turbochargers are restricted to the following:
i) original OEM turbochargers that are specific to the engine that is being used in the car;
ii) TD04 turbochargers with original TD04 housing;
iii)  if anything other than the above, the turbocharger must be submitted for inspection and tagging, and is limited to similar turbocharger size to that of the TD04 with a maximum inlet bore of 46mm.
Take note that variable valve timing of any sort is not permitted in a forced induction engine.
b) Naturally aspirated with following limitations:
i) 4-valve and 5-valve per cylinder engines up to 1900cc,
ii) 2-valve and 3-valve per cylinder engines up to 2500cc,
iii) Mazda rotary-engine up to 1308cc (maximum 2 rotors only) peripheral port not permitted,
iv) Honda B-Series engines limited to 1700cc only. Take note that this refers to effective engine capacity. Effectively one could run 83mm bore with 78mm stroke (1688cc). Anything more than 1700cc and not permitted.
v) Other Variable Valve Timing engines are permitted to the maximum 1900cc ie MIVEC, VVTI, VANOS, etc
c) Diesel turbos up to 2000cc permitted
d) Hybrids: only OEM production hybrid vehicles and systems permitted. One-for-one engine capacity with NA petrol equivalent, therefore limited to maximum 1900cc.
e) Other specific vehicle types may be permitted with future ASR releases

Street 1600 Limited
This shall be a sub-category within Street Tuned and thus limited to ALL the same specifics with the following additional addenda:
a) Limited to naturally aspirated engines only. No hybrid or forced induction permitted
b) Honda B-Series and Rotary engines not included
c) Other Variable Valve Timing engines are permitted to the maximum 1600cc ie MIVEC, VVTI, VANOS, etc
d) Minimum 6 entries per round to enable this sub-category

Race Cars Class 1 & 2
Slights changes to the regulations to better define vehicles that may participate in Class 1:
FIA-spec competition-prepared cars. Saloon-based, minimum production 2500 units per calendar year. No supercars. Application and approval of a participating vehicle is on a case-by-case basis.
Low Volume Sportscars will be categorised in Class 1. No street cars permitted.
There are 2 sub categories:
o Class 1 Above 1900cc – 3500cc
o Class 2 1900cc and Below
Remember that Race Cars category follows FIA-rulings on specifications, engine capacity, and safety. Therefore for SNF we adopt the following equivalency formulas:
o forced induction engines and rotary engines capacity multiply by 1.7
o diesel turbo engines capacity almost similar to maximum allowed for petrol variant, thus Race Cars Class 1 maximum engine capacity of 3500cc, and Race Cars Class 2 maximum engine capacity of 2000cc.


SuperStreet Limited
SuperStreet category is CONFIRMED! Regulations are tightened to limit spending and modifications, with the simple ruling that entries are permitted on a case-by-case basis. Technical guidelines include:
a) Saloon cars only with minimum length of stock car being 4200mm; Supercars not permitted; Sportscars on a case-by-case basis upon application
b) All Honda VTEC engines limited to 2-litre maximum engine capacities; naturally-aspirated only
c) Forced induction: 4-cylinder engines up to 200cc non-VTEC; 6-cylinder engines up to 2500cc non-VTEC
Turbochargers are limited to the following:
i) original OEM turbochargers that are specific to the engine that is being used in the car;
ii) TD05 turbochargers with original TD05 housing;
iii)  if anything other than the above, the turbocharger must be submitted for inspection and tagging, and is limited to similar turbocharger size to that of the TD05 with a maximum inlet bore of 48mm.
d) Naturally-aspirated non-VTEC up to 3500cc; other forms of variable valve timing permitted
e) All other regulations as per Street categories.
Vehicles permitted would include (for example) BMW E36 M3, E46 M3, E30 3.5L; Honda FD2R, DC5R; Lancer Evos, Subaru WRXs and STIs; Nissan Silvias, VW Golfs and Sciroccos, Renault Meganes; Altezzas with 1JZs, Cefiros with RB25s, Toyota AE86 with F20C, Proton Putra with 4G63T.
What is not permitted (for example) are Hondas running K-series engines with increased capacities, Civic EG or EK (do not meet minimum length requirement), Proton Satria or Satria Neo (do not meet minimum length requirement), Lancer Evos and Subaru WRXs with super-duper turbocharging and boost, anything with an RB26DETT, anything with a 2JZ.


We hope that we'll see something like this at J-Circuit in 2015!

We hope that we’ll see something like this at J-Circuit in 2015!

For SNF 2015 we aim to have at least 7 rounds with the following plan:
Round 1: early-February before CNY, Sepang North
Round 2: mid-March, J-Circuit Pasir Gudang
Round 3: mid-to-late April, Sepang North
Round 4: end of May, Sepang North (Enduro)
Round 5: August, Sepang South
Round 6: early October, J-Circuit Pasir Gudang
Final: November, Sepang South
Races at J-Circuit will be Saturday daytime races following the SNF format, end by 6pm.


There will be an update to the Points Scoring system for the SNF Championship:
– Bonus points for Laps Lead in the race will be taken out. This will no longer exist.
– Bonus points for Fastest lap in the race is worth 10 points
– Qualifying heat will now score Championship point. Finishing positions in the Qualifying Heat will be awarded half points
– Finishing position in the Final Heat will be awarded full points as usual.
There will be a Driver/Rider Championship, a Tuner Championship, and a Team Trophy.

Driver/Rider Championship
Points will be awarded to individual drivers/riders;
Does not matter if they driver alone or shared drive, points scored will be the same;
Therefore a driver may for example drive different cars in one category in a year, sharing every race, and become Driver Champion.

Tuner Championship
Points are awarded to a specific vehicle (car or moto) that is registered by a Tuner at the start of the Championship year.
Points table is the same as the Drivers/Riders Championship and awarded every round.

Team Trophy
This will be presented every round. For SNF 2015 it is not a Championship.
Points will be awarded to specific cars that are registered by the Teams. The top-3 point scoring cars for a team will be calculated, from across all categories. The team with the highest points per round will win the Team Trophy.



Driver Championship prize
The following categories will confirm to have a Drivers/Riders Championship prize:
– Race Cars Class 1
– Street Tuned Limited
– Moto 150

Similar to NASCAR, for the above Driver Championships we aim to work with SNF partners to create an annual Trophy. It’s early days yet to promise any specifics, but we can confirm that we’re looking at cash prizes.
This DOES NOT mean that we are over-looking the other categories. If things go well, we hope to be able to provide something for everyone.

Tuner Championship prize
Depending on SNF sponsor and partner commitments, we will share more information on this as we receive positive developments.

Fastest Lap prize
Every round, the vehicle with the fastest lap in the sponsored category will receive a prize. At this point we are looking at In-Kind sponsored prizes, not cash. Updates will be shared as they are available.


– Support races, no change: RM 350 + RM 100 transponder deposit
– Headlining race, entry fee will be increase dependant on Prize money on offer. Example if we get RM 10,000 then entry fee may be RM 500 + RM 100 transponder deposit.

– Moto 135, no change: RM 150 + RM 100 transponder deposit
– Moto 150 same as above, is dependent on final Prize Money on offer. Example RM 200 + RM 100 transponder deposit
Entries OPEN 1 month before event and CLOSE 3 days before ( Wednesday). Thursday & Friday are LATE entry, and will require an additional late-entry fee of RM 200 for cars and RM 100 for moto.

We hope with the above new activities and most importantly a commitment to Championship prize money, the excitement can grow further at SNF Racing, and more racers and riders will be inspired to join the action. But most importantly, we hope that also the MEDIA will stand up and see that real racing excitement is about going wheel-to-wheel, no matter what the vehicle!

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ADIAN YEIN ( Adian was one of the start-up members that initiated the Proton Motorsports Division back in 2003, together with Tengku Djan Ley and Khaidi Kamaruddin, running under the brand name R3 – Race Rally Research. Projects that he led include the Proton Satria R3, Lotus Europa, and all the R3 special edition vehicles up to 2007, where he then transferred to Proton Edar for an 1-year stint as Manager for Marketing Development. He has over 20 years of motorsports experience, both as driver and team manager, culminating in two back-to-back wins of the Merdeka Millennium Endurance race as the Team Manager of the Proton-R3 team. Highlights in his motorsports career include being a D1GP Judge opposite Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya, kicking off the malaysian autocross and drifting scene with the Proton SSO, and managing Team Proton-R3’s participation in the Japan Super GT in 2005. Adian was also the host of the car test drive and review television program “Get A Car” that aired on NTV7 in 2009. He currently a professional driving instructor and automotive events operator with Driven Communications, and co-host of the Driven Web Series. He has recently found joy door-to-door racing again at MSF!
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