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SNF Racing 2014 Rnd 3: Enduro!


It’s time for SNF Enduro 2014!


1) Enduro for Cars and Moto
– Cars 35 minutes, 2 drivers, compulsory driver change
– Moto 20 minutes, single rider, standing start

2) Venue for Round 3, Enduro: North Circuit
– Please refer to layout plan at bottom of page
– Traffic flow is strictly One-Way
– Pits space is available for rent at RM 100.00 per spot
– 1 pit will fit 5 cars. To rent a whole pit to yourself is RM 500.00
– Those not taking pits can set up tentage at the Tent Village area. As usual, lighting and some power points will be provided

3) 2-driver event with driver change
– The Guest Driver must be non 2014 SNF Championship contender from the same category. That means for example, a first driver from Honda 1800 category can be Guest driver for Race Car Class 1.
– It is compulsory for both Drivers to drive in the Enduro format
– There will be a Driver Change window from minute 12 till minute 23. Driver change is compulsory. Tyre change and refuelling is not permitted.
– An indication light will be shown at the Start/Finish pitwall for when the Pit Window is open.
– Pitlane speed limit is 30km/h
– Compulsory pitstop time is 3-minutes. This will be timed from the moment the car enters the PitLane Entry, to the moment the car leaves the PitLane Exit. A 5-seconds time penalty will be imposed for every 1-second that the car is below the 3-minutes compulsory time, with a maximum of 20-seconds upon which the offending car/team will be disqualified. This will be timed electronically.
– Before entering the car, the second driver is required to sign a Driver Change Chit at one of the Check-In booths. This Chit is to be handed over to the first driver, who will sign and return the Chit to the Check-In booth. There will be four (4) Check-In booths within the Driver Change area
– Driver Change is only permitted at the designated Driver Change area. Repairs are not permitted to be conducted at the Driver Change area. Simple overall checking and fluid top-ups only permitted.

4) Repairs to a vehicle during the race
– Repairs are only permitted at the designated Repair Bay, and are limited to the following activities:
o Checking for vehicle and/or engine damage
o Replace punctured/damaged tyre
o Replace or repair minor electrical problems; example headlamp bulbs, fuse, spark plug
o Replace or repair minor mechanical problems; example adjustment of fender or bumper, top-up engine oil
– If a vehicle has serious problem that requires more than 3-minutes of attention, it will be asked to continue in the race (if possible) or will be required to retire (obvious serious damage)

5) Enduro and SNF Racing 2014 Championship
– Enduro is NOT COMPULSORY for the SNF Racing 2014 Championship
– ASR has been released that announces that participation in minimum 4 rounds required to qualify for Championship
– For Enduro round only, championship points awarded will be multiplied by 1.5

6) Event Program
14:00 – 17:00    Registration & Log in
14:00 – 18:30     Scrutineering
18:00   Competitor’s Briefing (Compulsory)
19:00   Stewards check the circuit
19:30   Practice & Qualifying 20min – SNF Moto
19:55   Practice & Qualifying 20min
– Special Kei, Super1500, Proton 1800
20:20   Practice & Qualifying 20min
– Honda 1800, Street Tuned, Race Cars
20:50   MOTO ENDURO (20min)
21:30   ENDURO 1 (35min) – Special Kei, Super 1500 NA, Proton 1800 NA
22:15   Clubs Parade
22:35   ENDURO 2 (35min) – Street Tuned, Honda 1800 NA
23:15 Clubs Parade
23:30   ENDURO 3 (35min) – Race Cars
0000   Prize Giving



About adian

ADIAN YEIN ( Adian was one of the start-up members that initiated the Proton Motorsports Division back in 2003, together with Tengku Djan Ley and Khaidi Kamaruddin, running under the brand name R3 – Race Rally Research. Projects that he led include the Proton Satria R3, Lotus Europa, and all the R3 special edition vehicles up to 2007, where he then transferred to Proton Edar for an 1-year stint as Manager for Marketing Development. He has over 20 years of motorsports experience, both as driver and team manager, culminating in two back-to-back wins of the Merdeka Millennium Endurance race as the Team Manager of the Proton-R3 team. Highlights in his motorsports career include being a D1GP Judge opposite Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya, kicking off the malaysian autocross and drifting scene with the Proton SSO, and managing Team Proton-R3’s participation in the Japan Super GT in 2005. Adian was also the host of the car test drive and review television program “Get A Car” that aired on NTV7 in 2009. He currently a professional driving instructor and automotive events operator with Driven Communications, and co-host of the Driven Web Series. He has recently found joy door-to-door racing again at MSF!
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