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Announcing: MegaLAP 2012 Finale Night Edition, 1 Dec 2012

MegaLAP Time Attack 2012 Finale: Night Edition, Sepang, 1 December 2012

They say the Best Drivers can lap at night as quick as in the daytime. So it’s time to put that to rest: Are you a MegaDRIVER?!?

And hey, since it’s the end of the year, since it’s the last round of the season, and especially since it’s that time when all those party-going chickas are back in town from overseas for their year-end holidays, we thought we’d add some value:

13 local DJs and 1 to-be-confirmed international DJ will be spinning from 3pm till late Late LATE!!
After the on-track action, head upstairs to rave all night long! No shit people, this is the Real Deal. TWELVE is one of the best and most well-known local dance-parties, and it’s joining us for the 2012 Finale!!!
Tickets are RM 58 pre-sale, and RM 78 at the door.
For more information on the party, please visit their Facebook page by clicking here



Location: Sepang F1 Circuit
Date : Saturday 1st December 2012
Time : 7pm – 11pm
Price : RM 500/SGD 230 entry by Wednesday 28/11; RM 600 for late entries
- Includes the RM 100/SGD 50 transponders deposit. 

Confirmation/Registration by payment on first come first serve basis.


Regulations are the same, with the explanation here.
The CLUBSPRINT – CAMPRO CHASE is expanded to include Proton 4G1x series engines and shall be renamed CLUBSPRINT – CAMPRO / 4G1x. General regulations for this category is outlined here.


1530:   Registration and log-in
1800:   Driver’s Briefing (Compulsory)
1900:   Practice Run
2000:   Session 1 – Clubsprint
2030:   Session 2 – Pro FF + 4WD
2100:   Session 3 – Pro RWD + Open + Supercars
2130:   Session 4 – Clubsprint
2200:   Session 5 – Pro FF + 4WD
2230:   Session 6 – Pro RWD + Open + Supercars
2300:   Prize Giving Ceremony


Everyone gets to run in the 1-hour practice session.

Each category will then be given 2 x 25 minute runs, in alternate sessions e.g. Session 1 and Session 4, or Session 2 and Session 5, or Session 3 and Session 6.

Sporting Regulations for MegaLAP are available for download here.

Recommended strategy:
– Don’t go out as soon as the session light turns green. Give it about 5-6 minutes, then head out and do 2 flying laps, and make them good ones!
– PG is notoriously hard on tyres.. but only if you drive like a dick! Carry a bit less speed into turns to avoid scrubbing your front tyres and understeer, focus on a clean entry with late turn-in and power-out on the exit
– Turns 1, 5 and 6 are the hardest on your front-left tyres. Do not scrub at these turns, load them up gently on turn-in and be smooth


Categories are divided by tyre-classification. Clubsprint is for Street Tyres, Pro is for Semi-Slick tyres:
– ClubSprint for street cars on street tyres, up to 2.5L capacity. Sub-categories for VTEC/Turbo, NA, and Proton Campro/4G1x.
– Pro Spec for street cars on semi-slick tyres (as per THIS LIST), in accordance to World Time Attack Rules. Sub-categories for 4WD, RWD, FF-NA, and FF-FI
– Open 2WD and Open 4WD are for pure competition-prepared vehicles on semi-slicks, SFI-level racing safety gear required
– Supercars category is for… Supercars! This has been defined HERE

Technical Regulations for MegaLAP are available for download here.

Singapore: get in touch with Henry Tang +65-81982081 /
Malaysia: kindly contact Faisal Asri +6016 262 4299 /
OR Adian Yein Khalid +6012-6881200 /
Registration Agents (Malaysia): N1 Racing, Sunway
OR Millennium Motorsports, Sunway
OR DragStar, Aman Suria

Registration Form for MegaLAP is available for download here.

Last date for Federal Motorsport Tyres order for MegaLAP Finale is 22 Nov 2012 (1-week before event). The program now includes both the FZ201 and the 595 RSR tyres. For more information and list of sponsored-rate tyres and prices, check out the page here.

Here’s a video of the TWELVE party from Merdeka Race 2012..


About adian

ADIAN YEIN ( Adian was one of the start-up members that initiated the Proton Motorsports Division back in 2003, together with Tengku Djan Ley and Khaidi Kamaruddin, running under the brand name R3 – Race Rally Research. Projects that he led include the Proton Satria R3, Lotus Europa, and all the R3 special edition vehicles up to 2007, where he then transferred to Proton Edar for an 1-year stint as Manager for Marketing Development. He has over 20 years of motorsports experience, both as driver and team manager, culminating in two back-to-back wins of the Merdeka Millennium Endurance race as the Team Manager of the Proton-R3 team. Highlights in his motorsports career include being a D1GP Judge opposite Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya, kicking off the malaysian autocross and drifting scene with the Proton SSO, and managing Team Proton-R3’s participation in the Japan Super GT in 2005. Adian was also the host of the car test drive and review television program “Get A Car” that aired on NTV7 in 2009. He currently a professional driving instructor and automotive events operator with Driven Communications, and co-host of the Driven Web Series. He has recently found joy door-to-door racing again at MSF!
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