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MegaLAP Rnd 5 Pasir Gudang: Official Release


Team Kazama Powered By DRIVE M7 have set the official fastest ever recorded street car laptime at the classically challenging Pasir Gudang circuit in Johor Bahru with a time of 1m 44.861s at Hyrax Oil MegaLAP Time Attack 2012 Round 5 Pasir Gudang which was held on 7 October 2012.

Hyrax Oil MegaLAP Time Attack Pasir Gudang is the first ever time attack event to take place at the venerable but much loved Johor Circuit, with its 12 high-speed corners and flowing circuit layout challenging the 55 drivers and teams as they pounded away to become the fastest ever cars at Pasir Gudang. Participating vehicles ranged from a string of Volvo 240s to a stunning Porsche Cayman S, with entries from KL, JB, and Singapore.

Team Kazama Powered By DRIVE M7’s driver Lai Wee Sing set the blistering time with their heavily-tuned Honda Civic FD2 Type-R which won top honours in the Pro-FF category for Street-tuned cars running semi-slick tyres. The team were also entered in the 9tro Clubsprint VTEC & Turbo category for tuned Street-tuned cars on street tyres, the car proving to be unbeatable with a best time of 1m 45.780s.

Lai Wee Sing, or affectionately known as “Ah-Lai” mentions, “We set-up the car to run on the new Hankook RS3 tyres for the Clubsprint category, but during the event day when we initially swapped to the Yokohama A050 semi-slick tyres the handling balance was off and we were not able to go any much quicker.” After setting a ‘banker’ in the 1st session, the team adapted and only ran the A050s at the front for the 2nd Pro-FF session which resulted in their best time. Both driver and team are Johor Bahru locals.

In the Open 2WD category Kesavamoorthy Ayyavu of Ayyavu Jr. Racing Team in his Honda Integra DC5 Type-R took top spot with a best time of 1m 47.949s, just ahead of Singaporean Jonathan Xie of SK Garage.

Pro-RWD category saw high-powered sports cars taking to the circuits tortuous curves, with eventual winner Nick Mah setting a best time of 1m 54.929s in his Porsche Cayman S.

With a total of 18 entries, the special category created for VolvoRacers Club saw intense action as these most unassuming of Time Attack machines belted around the circuit at astonishing speeds. Fastest Volvo of the day was an S70 driven by Ghazi Fawwaz with a time of 2m 01.903s.

The MegaLAP Time Attack 2012 Grand Finale will take place at Sepang International Circuit on 1st December 2012 with a night Time Attack from 7pm till 11pm, together with a dance party by reknown organisers TWELVE running from 3:00 pm till 1:00 am on the Pit Rooftop. Tickets and details available from the website.

For more information and details:
Click here for full event results
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VolvoRacer Club
1st Ghazi Fawwaz S70 2:01.903
2nd Eddy Zafren 854 2:03.550
3rd Muhammad Hizafiq 240 Turbo 2:04.332

9tro Clubsprint – Campro / 4G1x
1st Michael Ayyavu Satria Neo 1:56.067
2nd Tommy Ho Satria Neo 2:05.691

9tro Clubsprint – NA
1st Mohd Fazaruddin Satria GTI 1:56.053
2nd Adian E30 325i 1:56.748
3rd Robert Lim Swift Sport 2:16.981

9tro Clubsprint – VTEC & Turbo
1st Lai Wee Sing Civic FD2 Type-R 1:45.780
2nd Jayhangir WRX 1:49.813
3rd Kesavamoorhy Ayyavu Civic FD2 Type-R 1:50.677

1st Lai Wee Sing Civic FD2 Type-R 1:44.861
2nd Jonathan Xie Civic FD2 Type-R 1:48.512
3rd Gerald Tan Civic FD2 Type-R 1:50.122

1st Nick Mah Cayman S 1:54.929
2nd Lim Keong Wee Exige 1:55.210
3rd Mohd Nasri Said E92 M3 1:59.180

1st James Kee WRX STi 1:51.260
2nd Michael Choo WRX 1:11.793
3rd Jerry Lim WRX 1:54.912

Open 2WD
1st Kesavamoorthy Ayyavu Civic FD2 Type-R 1:47.949
2nd Jonathan Xie Civic FD2 Type-R 1:48.512
3rd Mark Ong S2000 1:49.194

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