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Speedworks Turbokit Innova

Neat Turbokit

What ??? An Innova Turbo. Yes you read it right, an Innova. Speedworks latest turbo kit is for the workhorse Innova. Those who have driven a stock Innova would know how lethargic the 2 litre engine is trying to lug around a big lumbering beast that is the Innova. Well, the Speedworks turbo kit tranforms that beast into something else.

The complete kit includes turbo, intercooler, blow off valve, exhaust system with management system thrown in and additional injectors delivers a whopping 51% increase in power and 56% increase in torque. That’s 56bhp addded on and another 82NM of torque at a mild 0.5 boost. The turbo, being rather large, does take a while to spool up, but once past 3500 rpm it just surges the Innova forward like never before. The wastegate and blowoff valve sounds strange emitting from a Innova but the forward motion is something else.

Intercooler snugly fitted in the bumper

I spy an intercooler

Joining highways from interchange never happened this quick before. In the Turbo Innova you’ll be reaching the national speed limit not far after turning into a highway. All this is ably assisted by the excellent Hot Bits suspension that keeps the Innova from wobbling like Jabba the Hutt.

The entire kit is RM10k with installation.

I did ask Speedworks “Why?” did they developed a kit for the Innova, and the answer was simple. “Because we could” .

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Faisal Asri has been involved in Automotive Companies and Motorsports his entire professional life. Currently attached to Honda Malaysia as a Product Planner, he also has driven for Honda Malaysia Racing Team in Merdeka Millennium (MME)12 Hr Race 2008. Previous claim to fame with R3 include doing the donkey work getting cars such as the Satria R3, Savvy Zerokit, Waja & GEN.2 MME from prototype to production ready. Together with Adian, Faisal also successfully ran the Street Shoot Out Challenge, introducing a more exciting Time Attack format to the Malaysian Grassroot fraternity. On top of that, he was involved trackside coordinating Proton-R3's Lotus to 2 successive victories in MME. Faisal moonlights as a Driving Instructor in many Track/Advance Driving events and freelances as a R/C Drift Judge when the opportunity arises. Can usually be seen in SIC driving cars as how the were meant to be, HARD.
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