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Our Drift Clinic is Here Again!

It’s that time again for us to offer to teach how to drive sideways, fast! Our Drift Clinic is spearheaded by veteran race drivers Adian Yein and Faisal Asri. Below are the details you need and a video of what goes down at the Drift Clinic.

8 october 2011, 930am till 6pm
RM 300 per driver for a maximum of about 10-12 participants
RM 700 per driver to rent the BMW E30 325i Drift Bitch, maximum 3 drivers; fuel and tyres included
Venue is SpeedCity @ The Mines
Water provided

Click here to see some pictures from our first drift clinic.

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5 Responses to Our Drift Clinic is Here Again!

  1. d3vil says:

    Wow. I want to know more about using the BMW drift bitch for the clinic

  2. Heng says:

    may i know is it the car provided ?

  3. adian says:

    The information is provided up there in the post.

    If you rent the BMW drift bitch it’s RM 700 plus RM 300 for the course, for a total of RM 1,000.

    If you bring your own car, it’s RM 300 for the course only.

  4. Prince says:

    Register need to contact who..?

  5. faisal says:


    You may email to register

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