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Some Shots From Our First Ever Drift Clinic

No this is not our Drift Bitch, but the Couch Racers brought their own cars as well!

The boys, and lady, of, got together this past weekend to show the finalist of the Couch Racer competition how much fun doing it sideways can be. We also took this opportunity to run in the latest addition to the Ignition family, an E30 BMW 325i dubbed ‘Drift Bitch’. Well it was more of a test to see if she could put up with our abuses.

MJ on her way to slideways glory in our Drift Bitch

We rented Speed City KL as our official playground and because it was a scorching day, we hosed down sections of the track to make it easier for the old lady to loose traction.

No matter how much we tried to explain to this fella, holding the hose in such an explicit way is not going to make the real thing any bigger! But he insisted.

We also took the opportunity to dish out some training for the Couch Racers and friends on basic car control, like how to get the tail out, and how to maintain a drift. Once everyone got hold of that, it was then time to learn how to do a figure 8 drift.

Mike The Champ and his Miata showing us how it’s done.

While not easy, it was this exercise that got everyone excited and Couch Racer supremo Yew got it right the first time! And kept getting it right just like a pro would. Just for the record, Yew drives a front wheel drive Satria Neo, so he’s a natural.

The Couch Racer boys were really serious about changing the tyres.

Another person that caught us all off guard with her skills was MJ, the only rose among the thorns there. After a few trial runs MJ was whipping it up slideways like she had been doing it for years, putting some of us guys to swallow our egos.

And the title of the most ‘Blinged Out Hood Ever’ goes to ….

The one casualty of the day was our Drift Bitch. After a few runs, the LSD heated up, the engine temp shot up, and even the seats started to give way. Oh well, the fun continued nonetheless. The drift clinic also turned out to be a lesson in tire changing, express tire changing that is. Our Couch Racers talents were put to the test as the Drift Bitch kept eating up tires every 30 minutes or so!

The Miata got down and dirty all day long and didn’t put a wheel wrong. Great drift machine!

At the end of the day, the scorching heat promoted us to a local bar for a round of beers as the heat proved to be too much for us and the machines. drift clinics will be a regular occurance and we’ll be announcing when the next round is going to take place pretty soon.

There’s only one name when it comes to fun in Motorsport

For now, don’t forget this weekends Saturday Night Fever in Sepang!

The Black Altezza suddenly appeared out of no where and blew everyone away, unknown person behind the wheel. Spooky.
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  1. Jackson says:

    the unknown person in the the black altezza : Some say, he has hands for feet… and that he was born sideways.

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