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An introductory Preview Round to celebrate the new SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER SERIES which will commence next year will be held on 25 December 2010 at 7pm, Sepang Circuit.

The iconic motorsports event of the 1990s, the infamous ‘Saturday Night Fever’ will be revived in spirit and will feature rounds almost every month throughout 2011, all held at Sepang Circuit.

Taking experience our their earlier successful SPEED CHALLENGE event organised together with RCA of Singapore, the Series aims to create the real-life excitement of console-game racing simulations such as Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsports. With the addition and spectacle of night-time driving at the Sepang Circuit North Track, we hope the Series will generate a new twist of enthusiast circuit action and exhilaration.

Exciting night action!

It is targeted at tuned Street-spec cars and run in a format just like in the games, offering the opportunity for Street-tuned owners to bring their hopped-up rides to the safety of the Sepang Circuit, and run a 5-lap challenge in heats of 10 cars at a time.

It’s not just a speedfest either. We want to fuse elements of ‘Fast & Furious’ with ‘Gran Turismo’ and throw in NASCAR-level entertainment value to create a rich, healthy motorsports entertainment activity for everyone to enjoy. We’re looking at a hot-chick car-wash, music, booths selling motorsports apparel, and other forms of entertainment to keep the excitement running till late!

Expect to see turbo-charged flame-spitting Nissan Silvias, Mitsubishi Evo Xs, and Subaru Imprezas on track with screaming, bewinged Honda Civic Type-Rs, Toyota Altezzas, BMWs and VW Golfs. It is hoped that such colour and variety will attract the new breed of drivers to the circuit, and get them off the streets.

We believe that just like any other sub-culture, street-racers are misunderstood. We grew up racing modified street cars on the computer, and have now grown up and seek a playground. is now providing that playground, and hope that the street-racers can make the next step to proper circuit racing from here on.

Action starts at 7:00pm and goes on till midnight, with spectator tickets priced at RM 10.00 for General & Mall Area, and RM 30.00 for Paddock & Rooftop Access which will be limited in availability.

Final event dates at this time are:
– 25 Dec 2010 (Preview Round)
– 15 Jan 2011 (Rnd 1)
– 5 Mar 2011 (Rnd 2)
– 23 April 2011 (Rnd 3)
– 11 June 2011 (Rnd 4)
– 13 August 2011 (To be Confirmed ,Rnd 5)
– 3 September 2011 (Rnd 6)
– 12 November 2011 (Rnd 7)
– 10 December 2011 (Final Rnd)

For more information, rates, and schedule click on the link and visit the SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER page.

About adian

ADIAN YEIN ( Adian was one of the start-up members that initiated the Proton Motorsports Division back in 2003, together with Tengku Djan Ley and Khaidi Kamaruddin, running under the brand name R3 – Race Rally Research. Projects that he led include the Proton Satria R3, Lotus Europa, and all the R3 special edition vehicles up to 2007, where he then transferred to Proton Edar for an 1-year stint as Manager for Marketing Development. He has over 20 years of motorsports experience, both as driver and team manager, culminating in two back-to-back wins of the Merdeka Millennium Endurance race as the Team Manager of the Proton-R3 team. Highlights in his motorsports career include being a D1GP Judge opposite Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya, kicking off the malaysian autocross and drifting scene with the Proton SSO, and managing Team Proton-R3’s participation in the Japan Super GT in 2005. Adian was also the host of the car test drive and review television program “Get A Car” that aired on NTV7 in 2009. He currently a professional driving instructor and automotive events operator with Driven Communications, and co-host of the Driven Web Series. He has recently found joy door-to-door racing again at MSF!
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17 Responses to SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER is back!

  1. Kee says:

    must wear racing suit?

  2. adian says:

    For the moment Racing Suits are not yet compulsory, but they are highly recommended.

    Other than safety, makes drivers have the proper look too. There is a Driver’s Parade, so it’s important to look the business, right? Pulls the chicks too :D

    We’re not saying FIA-level. Just a general racing suit is fine. There are lots of affordable ones around.

  3. Kee says:

    cool.. thanks adian, will try to join with my friends for campro category.


  4. Izzat says:

    Wira running on 4G15 eligible to join CAMPRO Chase?

  5. adian says:

    Sorry Izzat, Campro is for Campro cars only.

  6. Izzat says:

    Oh man. Was really looking foward to this series. Can’t you change it to Proton Chase? hahaha

  7. daniel says:

    How can i get the tickets (as a spectator) .Is it on sale now ? Where can i get them and when?

  8. adian says:

    Daniel, tickets on-sale at the entrance!

  9. den says:

    how to register?

  10. den says:

    already made calls and sms Adian.

  11. den says:

    already made calls and sms adian.tq

  12. Fadlisaid says:

    Mr Faizal, can i still register by tomorow? so bz today, cannot come over to Sunway just now. how bro?

  13. Faisal Asri says:

    yes you may still register. just email details as instructed on the snfs page to

  14. Azam says:

    Dear Faisal and Adian,
    Is there any participation by Saga BLM during this round 05/03/2011?

  15. Faisal Asri says:

    We have 1 entered in CAMPRO Chase

  16. Deodorant says:

    Paddock Access @ rm30.00 – this one also buy at entrance? What time should we turn up to ensure that we can get tix (since it’s ‘limited access?’)

    Also, are there any camera / video camera restrictions for non-media people?

  17. amerkarim says:

    Minggu ni ada race ker.kalau ikut jadual minggu ini.

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