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Ignition Track Day Sepang, 10 January 2016 1pm-5pm

Track : Sepang Full Circuit Date : Sunday 10th January 2016 Time : 1pm – 3pm, and 3pm – 5pm Price : RM 330.00

X-League Battle Series 2016

6-8 cars racing door to door, 4 laps battles! First car across the line wins, no arguments. The objective of X-League Battle Series is to provide a stepping stone towards participation in MSF Racing! Entry Fee is only RM 180.00

MSF Racing 2016 Categories

VIDEO: Satria Neo R3 reviewed the way it should!

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SNF Racing is our anchor, premier racing series that has been running since 2010. We've seen over 500 drivers & riders race in SNF, what is arguably Malaysia's best & most affordable door-to-door racing series

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Our popular and affordable Track Days permit rookies and advanced drivers alike to enjoy the thrills of driving on a racing circuit

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MegaLAP is our rookie & amateur level time attack program, and it's no just limited to circuits! We've previosly run it in Pasir Gudang and also Bukit Putus

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With a diverse range of experienced Advanced & Safety Driving Instructors, we are able to design and provide customised driving courses and events. We have instructors that are fluent in English, BM, and Chinese