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Race Craft: Visual Guide To Cornering

You have read it and heard it many times before. How to take a corner quickly and smoothly. Yet, when you get out there on the hills or on the circuit, you're being left behind by the car in front. Allow us to brief you differently!


“Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer!” as said by Lightning McQueen. But it’s far from being a children’s cartoon show! This module discusses and defines on-track door-to-door dog-fighting for racing cars.

Race Craft Basics: Traction Circle

Before we even step in to traction, let’s take a look at what it actually is first. As you all should know, traction (or friction) comes by having two different surfaces going against each other. In the case of a car, that would be the tire having to go against the road.

VIDEO: Satria Neo R3 reviewed the way it should!

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